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An actually pretty-enjoyable tea when you’ve got the sniffles.

Flavors: Honey, Lemon

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First cup. Steep 1 minute.
The pungent aroma of eucalyptus and pomelo abounds headily in the mist rising from this compelling potation. The coloration of our concoction is a calm crystalline chrysanthemum, effused every so slightly with a twinkling glitter given off by frolicsome silicon dioxide particles as they vanish into liquid. This blend is sourced from the village of Parsippany in the New Jersey province, where the tea leaves are no doubt given life by the pure waters of the Commonwealth Water Company Reservoir Number Three. The first flavors you will notice are zesty citrus and honeysuckle. This gives way to a less dulcet fusion of pain reliever and cough suppressant, tempered with rotgut. The curative properties of this blend are known internationally to treat many multi-symptom ailments. All in all, an excellent way to kick off a relaxing evening at home or a lawless pub crawl. A true indulgence for only the most discriminating valetudinarian!

Other tasting notes: red #40, blue #1, sucrose

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