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So I liked this one way more than the other Nai bottled tea I tried a while back.

I think what most struck me about this was how beautifully it found balance between tasting distinctly of the jasmine white tea while still have juicy, fresh fruit notes that didn’t overpower the more delicate base. I taste the pear more than any of the other fruit juices added and I thought it was such a beautiful complimented to the sweet, lush florals.

I think I would actually buy this again – it not only tasted good but it’s so distinct feeling from another other jasmine RTD on the market at the moment.

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Found this new (to me) RTD company at my grocery store, and of course that meant I had to pick up a bottle of each of their teas. They seem to be very heavily Morrocan influenced which is pretty interesting to see, and the flavour combos are pretty unique for RTD!

I have to say, I didn’t love this one though. I know it’s supposed to be a tea with apple juice but it felt waayyyy more like apple juice with a bit of tea. Very sweet, and while the first four or so sips were refreshing I quickly found it to be too much. IDK when the last time I actually had a large bottle of apple juice was, but it’s been a long time and apple juice is pretttyyyy sickly sweet. The ginger helped balance the sweetness a bit, but since I don’t like ginger (and it was very much like cold pressed ginger juice) that still wasn’t a super pleasant addition.

All that said, it’s unique! And if you’re fine with ginger and you don’t mind the richness of apple juice then I think this is pretty distinct. None of the flavours themselves were bad, just either too intense for me or things I have a predisposition to not liking.

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