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Another RTD that I picked up from T&T a while back! Previously I tried the white tea and tangerine version of this brand and thought it was surprisingly very refreshing. My standards were probably too high because of that, but I thought this was a let down. Somehow the white tea was actually more flavourful than this drink which really lacked both tangerine and oolong flavour. Just thin and watery…

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One of two RTDs I picked up from this brand the last time I went grocery shopping at T&T. Every drink from this company was basically a brewed tea with chenpi which I thought seemed very interesting and right up my alley!

I got a little nervous about this when I got home because I noticed for the first time that it had erythritol as a sweetener, which can be quite intense and unpleasant if not carefully dosed. However, my first hesitant sip was actually more of a delight. This was so mild tasting with hardly any sweetness to it at all. I felt like it really captured the flavour of what a shou mei cold brew with just a pinch of chenpi would taste like if freshly strained from the fridge. Very authentic, and nothing really artificial tasting to it at all!

I’m excited for the other flavour I picked out (an oolong), but honestly this was just smooth and pleasant tasting bottled white tea. It would be so damn refreshing on a hot summer day. I think I’d definitely purchase again!

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