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drank Chai Tea Concentrate by Monin
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I ordered a (hot) chai latte from a random kiosk at the airport. I watched the barista, and it was made with steamed milk and this chai concentrate.

It was awful. When I first got it (and it was PIPING HOT) I was thinking that it was okay… I think I just couldn’t taste much. As it cooled and I got about halfway through, I realized that it tasted kinda sour and just like… milk. No spices or tea or anything. Blah. I threw it out.




Maybe the milk was sour?


I’ll take that YUCK! and raise you a BLECHHHH!


Jillian – it could have been, but I’ve ordered coffee lattes from there before (it was my “home” airport) and never had any problem with the milk. I’ve just been on a chai kick recently, so decided to go for chai (I usually drink coffee in the morning).

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