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drank Rooibos Spice by Mint Tea
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I bought a package of this tisane at Mint Tea which is a little tea house in Vancouver, WA, but I was told that their supplier of many of their loose leaf teas is Strand Tea, and after looking at their website, I found this tea on there. However, since I bought it from Mint Tea with their house “label” on it rather than a Strand label, I am calling it a tea from Mint Tea.

The ingredients are somewhat chai-like and there are flavors here that are chai-like but this isn’t quite as chai-like as I would have guessed based upon the ingredient list. The chicory and barley malt give this a different taste and “feel.” The chicory gives it a deep, toasty flavor that is very coffee-ish. The malt … well, it gives it a malt flavor. :)

I like the way the chicory and cacao work together in this tisane. Very pleasant and nice to sip on a cold winter’s evening.

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drank Buddha's Delight by Mint Tea
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A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I visited Mint Tea in Vancouver for lunch, and this is the tea that I had with lunch… while checking out, I noticed that they had some available to purchase, so I bought some to take home.

This is really yummy, even better at home when I can control the brewing conditions. Overall, this is a very mellow cup of tea, the black tea is almost overwhelmed by the other ingredients, but, I still taste it in the background. The cinnamon and cloves are the strongest flavors, but they aren’t spicy or too powerful. The orange comes in next, making this almost an orange spice tea, but, it’s still quite different, too, because it is milder than a typical orange spice.

The almond comes in just after the orange, and the apple and currant are the softest flavors here, sometimes almost missed, but I doubt this tea would taste the same without them. It’s a fruity, sweet, and warmly spiced tea, quite enjoyable. Not a good tea to start the day with, though, because it doesn’t have that get-up-and-go that one might need … and since this IS my first cup of the day, I think today is the day that I drink my can of iced yerba mate in the fridge … because I do need some get-up-and-go!

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