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How i got it: Bought it

Experience: Again, another tea with a bunch of ingredients with an intriguing result from Milagritos, hehe. Its aroma is intense, but difficult to describe; maybe my best description would be something between peach, passion fruit and some coconut. Basically, like a mix between Stash’s Coconut Mango and Ahmad’s Peach & Passion. With respect to the flavor, i can’t describe it to my satisfaction, either. I taste peach-like notes with a coconut base and herbal touches similar to mint. The papaya’s almost imperceptible. The result is smooth and relaxing, with a good duration. Curiously, I got a little tartness in the back of my tongue, too. Not bad at all, the only ‘but’ would be that i miss a bit more character. Aside from that, another nice cup for the record.

Would i buy it again?: Maybe, but currently i’m not that enthusiastic about it.

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How i got it: Bought it (Milagritos is Santiago de Chile’s oldest and biggest tea shop, so this was a required stop in my tasting adventures)

Experience: With all these ingredients, is somehow difficult to distinguish individual smells and flavors, but well… Its aroma has mainly anise-like notes, but I can sense two other components: one is sweet, maybe due to the orange or raisins, while the other is nutty, maybe from the pistaccio. Its taste goes from light to mild in intensity, and is very relaxing. It has a good duration, and has notes of anise, orange, some of ginger’s spiciness and some of the base tea’s flavor. It has a nutty component too, which reminds me a little of Twinings’ Russian Caravan. As always, I would have liked something a bit more intense, but this tea has its ‘something special’ anyway. Very good.

Would i buy it again?: Has some posibilities.

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