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So, interestingly enough – I don’t get tea gifted to me. Nobody ever gifts me tea. Tea ware, yes, I do get tea ware gifted to me from people on occasion (but not nearly enough) – but people who know me best are under the assumption that I “have enough tea” as if that’s even a thing that is possible. I mean, yeah, I do have a studio that’s full of tea – and a kitchen that is more tea than any other type of food – but, is that enough? No, no it is not.

So, I’m going to consider this tea (a tea I gifted to myself) as a tea gifted to me on the Scavenger Hunt because otherwise, I would not be able to fulfill this particular category in the scavenger hunt because as I mentioned just a moment ago, I don’t get tea gifted to me.

Even though I do have a lot of 52teas varieties to choose from, I don’t think I can consider those teas that I’ve received as a gift or even gifted to myself. It might be a stretch, even with my ability to justify all kinds of things. One tea that I rarely skip in the morning is my my morning Matcha.

Matcha is not a tea that I work with in the tea studio because flavoring Matcha is a huge undertaking and I don’t feel it would be a sound investment for our brand. It’s expensive, it’s messy and it’s a lot of work & I don’t see a lot of return on the investment of money, time & effort.

Anyway, this is the Matcha that is currently on my pantry shelf – so this is the tea I grab nearly every morning to start my day. I love it. It’s so vibrant, smooth & creamy – and delicious. I’ve repurchased this Matcha several times now, it’s my current favorite. And since I don’t generally get tea gifted to me, I will consider this to be a “Tea Gifted To Me” from the scavenger hunt. :)

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