Mang Bing Tea Factory

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I picked up a cake of this at the Chinese Tea Shop in vancouver about a month ago, because it was affordable ($33CAD-ish?), plus it’s already 6 years old. I wasn’t sure whether it’d be a regular drinker for me, seeing as it’s only my second cake and I don’t really have any place set up for long-term storage, but I’ve wound up playing around with it a lot recently, anyways it’s really creamy smooth going down with a sharp spicy aroma in the aftertaste. and a bit of dryness, a bit of a lower qi. I’ve found it tastes best at specifically 87C (~190F), and moving it up or down even 1C made it like significantly worse, and now I really feel justified in spending extra for a kettle with 1 degree increments :)
I actually really like this, it’s probably my favourite sheng that I’ve ever tried which is lucky that I went for a whole cake, I wanna drink it all soon and I want to break up the whole cake but I don’t know where I’d put all the looser leaf.. Do you guys break up cakes before drinking it or do you just take a bit off at a time? cause it’s annoying doing it every time

Flavors: Creamy, Spicy


You can buy big mylar ziplock bags from amazon but I generally my cakes whole. picking apart a cake becomes more enjoyable as you do it more


I pick it off each time.

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