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It is really good tea. I will recommend it to my friemds

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I’ve had a terrible day. A really, really, bad day. AND I have all sorts of free-floating anxieties because I’ve fallen behind on so many of my commitments and obligations. Gish…

I’m very grateful that I have Minty Kitty Oolong to calm my nerves and sooth my troubled soul. Minty Kitty is a custom blend by our fellow Steepster Little Mew Brew and it’s a fantastic escape from the awfulness of my day. I highly recommend this tea because it’s actually making my night m u c h better. Get some! You won’t regret it :)

You can buy this blend in the Little Mew Brew’s shop: Http://


sorry to hear about your day. Tomorrow (well, today) has got to be better right?


Hang in there, Jenn!


Thanks for the kind comments about the tea! I hope your day got better!

Daisy Chubb

Oh noes!~ It’s 19 hours since you wrote this, I hope that time has done some healing and calming :) Hang in there !

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