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This is the oldest tea in my queue – I think I drank this in May…

I don’t know why I put off writing it for so long to be honest. I had it during a “Zoom Birthday Party” for one of my work friends. I don’t drink much, but made an exception for this one Porter (it was tea infused, after all) for the occasion. Afterwards I switched back to regular tea. Pu’erh infused Porter/Stout honestly sounds like a fucking brilliant combination but to be honest it mostly just tasted like really good Guinness. Nothing distinctly “pu’erh” to it…

And for the cost, I’d rather just buy a Guinness.

Martin Bednář

Well, adding tea to beers… I had only few. But adding pu-erh, well, it needs to be some distinctive one. And honestly can’t imagine it too much.

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A new player in my ongoing quest to try every tea infused beer that I can find!

This is probably the best yet; I had it with my new roommates over hot pot and I found it incredibly delicious. I usually, outside of all the tea infused beers that I try, only drink dark beers/stouts but this is legitimately something that I would drink on the regular. If ever there was a “Patio Beer” for me, then I think it would be this…

I found the taste really sweet and nutty, without the yeast-y funk that typically turns me off lighter beers. It had a good caramelized nut and grain-y type of flavour profile with some of those roastier coffee type notes that I would expect from my normal Guinness order. It was a little fruity too, though – that kind of sweet white peach note that you do occasionally find in a nice oolong, or the soft but sweet acidity of a meyer lemon.


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