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A review of Straight Tea by Kirin

Miso Market is one of my favorite places to shop. I cant’ get there often but on this visit I made sure to stock up. Unfortunately most of what was purchased is nearly gone. I find myself turning to this soft drink by Kirin. It is Straight Tea.

This if fine black tea sweetened just with enough sugar to make it taste like a plum drink. Tea’s color is a lovely amber; gold in fact with a sweet aroma, kind of like fresh honey at a bee’s hive. It taste like sweetness layered with sweetness; there is the malty taste and smoothly cold brew with added sugar. Simply, it is like taking the finest spring water and adding the finest silky sugar to it and mixing it just rightly so. Yum, and there is more to this sweet black tea.

I would buy this again.


I had this tea around for sometime since my last visit to town. Anyhow, after a morning of sampling black loose leaf teas it seems worth while to simply have a bottle of tea already made. Although the name infer a person, but so what. It is illness with me for not having a strong mind. Like saying things are fishy in smell etc.

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