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I can’t even begin to imagine the gasps this post will get lol. Yes, I drank this. Dinner will be late tonite and I needed something more than just plain tea to hold me over so I decided to go w/ this because of the protein, fiber, and vitamin content. And yes, I did give it a 100. Not because I like it, but for what it is. If you like sweetened black iced tea, this is amazing if only for the added nutrition. How’s that for an unbaised review? I desperately wish they had a green tea version though… and unsweetened.


LOL Sara! So glad you reviewed it because how else would we know about this neat drink with protein and other goodies? Will be sure to check it out next grocery store trip. I get grumpy when hungry and this would help:)


Nice review I don’t think this is too far fetched tea has water in it anyway.


@silvermage2000, I never said it was far fetched. Sure is healthier than most other instant iced teas.


Kellogg’s makes sweet water? Well that’s new to me.


@Ricky, It isn’t sweet water. It’s sweetened instant iced tea w/ extra nutrition.


@Cofftea, laughing at this exchange :)

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