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drank ryo no kaze by Kanbayashi
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Picked this up in San Francisco in Japan town. Some store that sold tea an incense tucked away in a back corner. I had no idea what I was buying (other than matcha) and feel I stumbled onto something kind of amazing. I have been adding a little matcha into some creamer, frothing it up and adding an ice cube to combat the summer heat. What I get is amazing! It is so smooth! There is no bitterness! This matcha is quite mellow on the sip and has only a slight green tang at the very end of the sip and aftertaste. I am not super familiar with matchas, but this is the best I have had yet! I’m trying to pace myself and not go through the tin too quickly!

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drank Gounnoshiro by Kanbayashi
114 tasting notes

Matcha. I can’t rate or taste it the way I do leaf teas because I don’t drink it as I do leaf teas. I had three bowls of tea this evening. The first was bitter and full of tears, the second the sum of all my fears, and third was thin and cool and clear. And all is left well with the world.

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