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I found this one to be much better than the Pumpkin Chai from David’s. This one actually tasted like pumpkin to me and it was amazing as a latte! Jonny’s Java is a locally owned coffee and tea shop, to give some background, and I actually preferred their Pumpkin Spice Tea latte to their coffee based one. Now, coming from me that is surprising, because I really do love a good coffee based latte.

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Never liked pumpkin’s chai from david. It tastes like chemicals to me. If you like pumpkin and spice, you should try DELLA TERRA. They do pumpkin teas very well.

Fallon McNeil

Thanks for the tip! Just ordered some Chocolate Pumpkin Pie :)


OMG! You’re quick on the click, lol! Good choice, that’s actually my favourite of theirs, hope you’ll like it!

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