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So my new tea buddy at work and I have been having a blast bringing each other oddball things and cackling over ingredient lists like Macbeth’s witches. She graciously brought me a precious mini-tin of flowering jasmine “hairballs” (as she called them) as a thank you for broadening her horizons a little.

I just typed in the tea company (?) name as it appears on the bottom of the tin. Couldn’t easily find a match online.

This tin has half a dozen little bundles. This one looked like a hairy kidney bean and unfurled from the center outward to reveal a nubby little flower that looked like a raspberry. So much fun to watch them “poof!”

Flavor of flowering teas—-usually, I’m not so excited about that part. Jasmine is a little perfumey for me. But this particular cup surprised me. Once I strained out the leaves (I don’t mind a stray strand here and there, but it was kind of chewy) there was a really nice honey flavor that counteracted the floral and stayed on your tongue in between sips.

I believe I’m the one whose horizons were broadened a bit this time around!


Those teas that unfurl into flowers and stuff fascinate me, but I haven’t had the nerve to try any of them yet.


I’m not a huge green or jasmine fan, and so far, I ‘ve never seen a flowering tea of any other variety. (Duh..I guess it has to be something that’s naturally light in color so you can actually see the little blossoms. Wouldn’t work too well on PG Tips, huh?)


My first blooming teas tasted less tha stellar. Then I had Teavivre’s. They are so good!

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