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drank Kiwami by iMaccha
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The brilliant green color of this matcha made it stand out from the rest of the samples from round 2 of the Matcha Blind Taste Test. I wasn’t surprised to find out this was ceremonial grade. The silky smooth texture, pleasant fresh-cut grass scent, and savory flavor made it the clear winner for this round. If you’re looking for a matcha that is less sweet, this is a good choice.

You can read the full results of the blind taste test on my blog:

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drank Kiwami by iMaccha
1719 tasting notes

Hot and straight, I get malt, seaweed and floral with a touch of hay. There is enough bite to be interesting without calling it bitter and mixed with enough sweetness to make it easy to drink.

I’ve had this the last couple mornings cold with milk. I does not mix well in cold milk. The taste is still a bit floral but mostly has a bready taste.

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