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This was the bubble tea I ordered!

I’ve been very into hawthorn as a flavour lately so when I saw that this shops Spring seasonal menu was also Hawthorn drinks I got very excited. I didn’t expect the rose to be as strong as it was, but there was a really distinct rose water note alongside the tangy yogurt base and the hawthorn and I thought it worked really well, though I could also see it being a polarizing flavour.

One of the things I like so much about hawthorn is that it’s just so dense and jammy tasting, but also simultaneously kind of tart and tangy. That was true for this drink as well, and I thought that those more bright and lively top acidity notes meshed really well with the tang and funk of the yogurt. It was interesting though because the hawthorn was coming from this almost “fruit leather” than had been blended down into the drink but not so finely that I didn’t occasionally sip up a flat piece of this chewy, rich hawthorn leather. Not as chewy or big as boba, but it did sort of give a similar sensation of forcing a break in your drinking in order to chew through it.

I liked this a lot.

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That same night we ordered in pizza we also ordered bubble tea from a shop specializing in bubble tea made from rice yogurt! This was actually the flavour my mom ordered – as I get through this backlog of tasting notes, you’ll see that a theme was for sure her ordering things that I also had a curiosity about so that I could taste twice as many things during this trip. We love a parent that supports adding to your flavour memory bank!

Of the two drinks we ordered, I would call this one the less noticeably “yogurt tasting”. It was, certainly, very thick and creamy but mostly the strong and sweet notes of strawberries and bananas gave it more of a smoothie vibe. A smoothie made with yogurt, sure, but more fruit forward. It was very tasty though! You could clearly see fruity chunks that had been blended down into the base, and I was pleased that meant the flavour wasn’t derived just from powder.

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