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This weekend I had an unconventional session with this tisane. In addition to peppermint, it also has: spearmint, wild mind, and two different kinds of catnip. What comes through the most is the sweetness of the spearmint, the citrusy top notes of the lemon catnip, and a crisp, cooling menthol finish from the overall mix of different types of mint. I basically ended up doing a weekend of only caffeine free tea/tisanes since I haven’t been sleeping very well the past few days. Well, even worse than usual, that is…

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I was craving a late night mint tea to wind down with, and I decided to pull out this one that I was gifted at the MTL Tea Festival because it’s October and this (though it’s definitely not intentional) was the most “Spooky” and Halloween-y in nature. I mean, not in taste at all. Just in its fun Dracula related location oriented name…

I can’t remember what all the five mints in the blend are, but the ones that were most noticeable in taste were a strong earthy peppermint and undertones of catnip. It was pretty soothing, and worked for the mood I was in.

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