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drank GINGERTEA by Healtea
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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #7

The last of the three RTD’s from Healtea’s booth – and somewhere in the middle for me in terms of flavour. I actually think this is the strongest of their three offerings conceptually; it’s a ginger/chamomile with some lemon in it. I’d probably enjoy it much more if I actually liked chamomile tea, but I will say that the taste of the chamomile was really apparent and if you actually enjoy that note I think you’d like this. Like the others, I found this a little bit weak/watery, but I actually sort of like that it was a softer take on a ginger profile!? The lemon was very delicate at well, but I get that it isn’t supposed to be a main flavour so it’s fine.

Overall impression of this company? They’re fine – the product is OK quality (nothing bad but nothing mind blowing either). I don’t think they’re filling a big void in the RTD retail space though, and in the category that they are hitting on I really don’t feel like they’re the strongest example of how to achieve those profiles. Happy to have had the chance to sample their whole assortment though!

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drank RESETTEA by Healtea
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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #6

I think this was my least favourite of the three flavours offered at Healtea’s booth. Conceptually I think the idea of a mint/dandelion RTD sounds nice but I found the sample rather weak/watery and there was a muddy/dirty tasting quality to the mint in this drink.

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drank THIRSTTEA by Healtea
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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #5

So, one of the booths at the festival was a ready to drink/bottled tea company; Healtea!
They had three different flavour options out so we just rapid fire drank all three. I didn’t really spend any time lingering on them, just formed some quick snap impressions. It wasn’t the most interesting booth at the festival by a long shot so we didn’t dwell on it long…

This was my favourite of the three flavours – it was, in my opinion, the most unique and interesting taste with a smooth and lightly sweet herbaceous profile with distinct notes of nettle and rosemary. I feel like I’m really just a sucker for anything rosemary, though. However, even with it being my favourite of the bunch I didn’t exactly think it was exceptional. Though I can totally see how this combination of ingredients would be really thirst quenching.

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