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Late, late night cuppa brewed for a pretty long time with quite a bit of this uber fluffy tisane shoved into a metal strainer. Despite there being several ingredient in this gorgeous blend, the one that came through the most in taste was a smooth, sweet and really refreshing note of crisp wintergreen. God I love wintergreen. It was a really relaxing way to end the evening, to be honest. I felt a bit like all my stress from the day was just melting off with each sip.

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Late night cuppa from yesterday that I just left the leaves in directly for so that it could get as intense and potent as possible. It was a pretty thin flavour and mouthfeel even still, but for a blend that it comprised almost entirely of wintergreen and, like, pine needles… Well, it’s to be expected. The taste is great though! Sweet cooling wintergreen and those forest-like pine/spruce flavours that remind me both of being out in nature just in general but also a little bit Christmas. Wintergreen sweetness on the first half of the sip, and the pine/spruce kinda notes on the back half.

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Cold Brew!

This was a holiday gift from my boss and, truly, it was such a thoughtful and well selected tisane. Definitely different than anything else I own, but really showed a solid understanding of the flavours and unique ingredients I love.

It’s a simple blend but with massive visual impact since the leaves and herbs are large and whole as much as possible – also foraged! The taste leans really wintergreen prominent but is supported by all of the forest-y notes of pine that I love and find so unique. The combination of pine and wintergreen is both sweet but cooling and camphorous too – maybe a smidge woody. It reminds me in a brilliant way of Birch Beer or Spruce Beer.

Really loved it!

Evol Ving Ness

What is the deal withQuebec and wintergreen these days? Is it the trendy flavour of the season or what?

Roswell Strange

It just grows really well in this area :)

Evol Ving Ness

Hmm. Cool. Thanks.

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