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drank Good Fortune Bloom by Full Bloom Tea
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Surprisingly good for being a few years old! I got two full pots’ worth of tea out of this; the first was sweeter than the second, and I think that the blossom probably stewed a bit between pots. It’s a pity Full Bloom Tea has gone out of business. (They’re also the source of my big glass teapot, the one that I used for everything before I got my wee little pot because, amazingly, the spout never dribbles.)

But this was a blooming tea, and you want to know how pretty it was! So: it was very, very pretty. The dry leaves were wrapped in a heart-shaped lump. They unfurled into incredibly long tendrils of tea around a pink clover center. See for youself: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cait_tea/4497665430/


Photos, Yay! Love it! I had an art display tea today too and it was exciting to see the unfurling (the tea was a bit delicate, though).


Tea is just so pretty, y’know? And I’d love to get better at photographing it!


I saw some of your photos on steepster flickr group – lovely!!! keep drinking tea and posting, I’m enjoying your posts and photos!

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