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April Sipdown Challenge – a sample you put off trying

I don’t know why I thought this was going to be a sharp and unpleasant tea. Maybe I assumed the rose hips would be a bigger factor.

It is indeed a deep golden color steeped, and tasted almost exclusively of chamomile, but it is some of the better chamomile I have tried. More floral, less hay. The lemon balm is very mild but this is a really old sample, and a really large one. It won’t be a true sipdown for at least two more pots, which I might coerce Ashman into drinking tonight and tomorrow night, because I am on a bit of a roll sipdown-wise.

My shelves are looking so neat and orderly (almost) as I have made room, repackaged, and rearranged teas. I have a new tea padawan who has been a great means of easily gifting tea and tea steeping equipment, and that has helped, too!

In my rummaging, I found a couple more teas that are near sipdown level and are past date, but they are shelf staples and will be re-ordered.

This is a decent tea and one that would be good to have on hand for bedtime sipping.

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