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Another win for this kombucha company; the tea tasted exactly like it’s namesake and the balance/ratio of lavender to lemon notes was spot on. It was weird, because while I’m confidant that I’ve NEVER had this kombucha before and, I think, never this pairing of flavours in kombucha before I was STILL struck with this semi feeling of Deja Vu? Not in the sense that “I’ve had this exact experience before” but just in the sense that I think I’ve had the lavender/lemon flavour pairing before and recently but I’m not sure what in…

Still; great kombucha and I would TOTALLY purchase it again.

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Not my last tea of 2018 – just a tea that I had yesterday but hadn’t logged yet.

I’ve had root beer flavored kombucha before; in my opinion it’s a complete stroke of genius. This company is new to me, but their flavours seemed exciting so when I saw them at one of the grocery stores here in Montreal, I grabbed two different kinds of kombucha to try for myself.

I like this; it’s a touch too lemony to seamlessly taste like root beer to me but all the elements for what I’d want in a root beer flavored drink are there so if I don’t focus on the slight acidic lemon/vinegary notes it’s VERY easy for me to just think I’m drinking a nice root beer. That molasses/caramel/dark sort of sweetness, the creamy vanilla, that little bit of cinnamon sort of spice that weirdly completes it all!? Only things that would punch up the flavor further for me are sarsaparilla and wintergreen; but they are NEEDED to achieve the profile. I just think they’d kick the richness up a notch.

Yummy though! Something totally worth getting again.

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