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Like the last one I made this up with half milk and half hot water to give the tea a creamier flavour. It’s surprisingly mild for a “spiced” chai, I think on the whole I might prefer something with a little bit more of a bite to it. On the other hand it’s not too obnoxiously sweet either. So not bad all around – their one might make a nice iced chai latte if I had another pouch to experiment with (which sadly I don’t).

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I tried this cup with a half-and-half mixture of hot water and hot skim milk, which gave the chai a thicker, creamier texture that I found more appealing than just using straight water. The rich, sweet vanilla flavour is quite easily apparent although it maybe makes the tea just a touch too sweet (again, it’s not as bad as other powdered chai mixes I’ve tried).

Bigelow Tea

Thanks for sharing your assessment of our Vanilla Chai…personally one of my favorites, which I enjoy with just a splash of skim milk. We agree that everyone should experiment with the preparation of teas, to get the best overall flavor experience.
Thanks again, we enjoyed your comments!
Kathy for Bigelow Tea

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Thanks Jaime for sending these around! :D

It’s makes for a sweet cup of chai, although I added a bit more water than it called for so it wouldn’t be too sickly sweet. It’s a bit thin – I might actually use hot milk instead of boiling water for my other packet of this. The raspberry flavour isn’t that strong either, present more a smell than as a taste. Still, it give me a quick energy boost for working on assignments.


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Pouch 2/2

W/ milk. Still quite chocolatey w/ a smooth, light spicyness. Less sweet than w/ coffee (yay!), but there’s also the hint of an odd taste I’m picking up on… although I can’t identify it. It might be the dumb anise… or one of the countless ingredients I can’t pronounce.

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My package from Jaime (who I just noticed never logged this… I even had to enter it into the database) came yesterday- thanks! Dove + Tea = HOLY CRAP! …enough said. I know everyone’s tastes in tea is different and “drink what you like, but like what you drink”… but every once in a while I come across a tea I personally love so much that I can’t fathom another person not loving. It’s not that I’m saying “you should like this!”, I just want to share my love for that tea w/ others. Just reading the name makes me think this will be one of those teas.

Pouch 1/2
In a cup of black coffee… that’s the closest you’ll get me to drinking anything powdered (hot chocolate, instant chai, etc) in plain water- the only exceptions to that are matcha and Tipu’s instant chai, but I think that’s because it doesn’t have any dairy in it. Mixing an instant chai containing milk in water to me is kinda like forcing it to be something it’s not. It tries to be milky, but it just fails and the result is flavored watery milk. (I’m also not a “splash of milk in my tea” kinda woman)… ok, whoa, ADHD rant over- but I did want to explain my motivation.

Yep. Coffee. Chocolate. Milk. Spice. In that order. It’s unfortunatley really sweet. No wonder, it has sugar and honey. If they must sweeten, I can see adding honey because it adds flavor as well, but the sugar is just excessiveness. Aside from that, it’s very good. Completely enjoyed it, but over sweetness as reason for not liking it would totally be justified. (Not that one needs justification.) I also can’t stand that there are “schtuff” in here that I can’t pronounce. It’s like, dude- I can find a recipe for this w/o any of that crap, it doesn’t need to be put in.

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Oh wow, this is making me nostalgic. I swear, this is the taste that introduced me to chai. It’s overly sweet, creamy, spicy but with no real kick, and there’s virtually no black tea flavor… but I LOVE it. If coffee shop chai lattes were your introduction to chai, you will probably love it too.

Thanks, Jaime!

Note: despite the company name, there is no actual chocolate involved here. Also, this gets rather gritty at the bottom since the black tea dust doesn’t actually dissolve.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

So glad you like it!!

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