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drank Green Tea Blizzard by Dairy Queen
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I just had to add a tasting note for this. I have an epic love for Dairy Queen Blizzards, but Long Island has absolutely no Dairy Queens so my intake is limited. Imagine my shock when I came out of the subway yesterday and found a Dairy Queen selling Green Tea blizzards. No way!! It blew my mind. Of course, I had to have one. I chose to get a green tea almond blizzard. From what I can tell, they used their regular vanilla soft serve, added a metric ton of powdered green tea, some very crunchy almond slices, and blended. The DQ there had a sign saying if your blizzard doesn’t get served to you upside down it’s free, and they definitely turn it upside down before giving it to you (only occasionally to you still find ones in the states that do that).

This thing was powerfully green tea flavored. I guess somewhat generically, though it did kind of remind me of matcha-flavored foods I’ve had in the past. After a while it was almost bitter despite the vanilla ice cream base. I could have done with maybe half the green tea powder and it would have been awesome. They have a green tea chocolate option and I’m wondering how that would be. Well I have plenty of time to try it.


Hmm too bad the DQs up here in Canada aren’t serving this flavour.

Invader Zim

Sounds really good! Minus the bitter taste.

The DJBooth

Wow! I did not know of this.


This is interesting. I will have to check with our local DQ to see if they are serving this too.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I need to look into this in my area and hope they get the ratio right


Don’t get too excited, guys, I think this is a China-only flavor. :P


Upside down??? What is this odd beast you call a blizzard anyway? Is it sort of like a super-thick milkshake or dessert smoothie?


Oh man, I want a Mint Oreo blizzard!!
@Angrboda, it is soft serve vanilla ice cream with additives mixed up in it. it is still as thick as (soft serve) ice cream but treated sort of like a smoothie. Most of the options are chocolate bars (broken into tiny little peices) but there is mint, chocolate, caramel, etc etc.

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