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I know that the other reviewer said it’s just like any other chai, and maybe it is. Maybe she has drunk more chai than I.

For me, this was near the top of my list of chai’s I’ve had. Perhaps because it was a gift from a friend who went to the Dickens Faire in San Francisco, I took more care to take brewing notes and get a cuppa just right for my tastes. I’d say the only other chai I have had that I liked this well was from the now Defunct Teavana (a store I really disliked on several levels) who’s name I don’t recall.

I take my tea without sugar and because I’m on keto I use Nutpods Coconut/Almond milk creamer-plain, I may have a narrower number of strong teas which I enjoy without sugar. In the old days I put one or two cubes of sugar and half and half in such chai’s.

This tea is no longer available and I’ve not found an email to contact the website or I’d ask if they plan to bring back.

Flavors: Allspice, Peppercorn, Vanilla

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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I love peaches and thought this was just the tea to brighten my day but… I agree with jump62359, bitter, odd orange zest, weak tea flavor. No sense of peach flavor. :-( Not going to finish this.

Flavors: Orange Zest

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

My friend got me a tin of this because she worked for this tea place a while back and she thought I’d like it.
… no. I just.. try to avoid it at all times. And when I do reach for it, I finish like three sips then it goes down the drain

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Just like any other chai tea.
Got this from a friend at a local tea shoppe and I was running low on chai! So yes. Just like any other chai I’ve had; nothing too special.

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So I decided to make this tea since I totally messed it up the last time I made it because I put in freshly boiled water and I got distracted by my roommate because midterms and I literally JUMPED off the couch to try to save the tea that I totally just messed up and.. no. It was bitter because the water was too hot and it was steeping for too long.
So THIS TIME I decided to actually pay attention this time! Poured in less than boiled water for just a few minutes and everything I did came up to what was supposed to be a nice cuppa but it still turned to be a bit bitter. Not as bitter as the one before (that one ended up going down the drain) so this one is still drinkable, but it’s a bit too much too my liking. I think it might be the orange peel? It has a slightly citrus-y after taste that I might need to get used to. I think there’s too much flavour, not enough tea.

Flavors: Orange Zest, Peach

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I got this tea from one of my friends back home!
She was working at this tea shoppe for the holidays and asked me if I wanted some tea and she just bought me this one and their chai (since I was running low) and IT FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL!

In the tin, it smells soooo good. I love the scent that the orange peel gives off!
Steeping, the orange disperses and the green tea definitely takes over.
SHOOT. I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS WAS A GREEN TEA. It turned out really bitter. Like super bitter. I’ve been drinking herbals for the past week because of midterms and I definitely just poured freshly boiled water onto the leaves and now they’re bitter :(
I’m pretty sure if I prepared this correctly, it would taste amazing! But there’s a bite to it right when it hits my tongue and I don’t like it one bit.
Soon. TOMORROW. I’ll try this tea again and hope that I’ll prepare it correctly.

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