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I’m a teetotaler, so this little gift-basket hangover remedy has malingered at the bottom of my herbal basket for a good long while. However, after wearing out two hankies, a pillow, and a spouse with my sobbing and sniffling last night, I was feeling decidedly yucky when I woke up this morning. (Publication I’ve written for for years broke up with its writers. Serious gut kick to ego and household economics.)

So, sniffing nothing too offensive in the little sachet, I glumly tossed this little bag in my black Dr. Who mug (matched my mood) this morning. Wasn’t a bit unpleasant; a nice berry-mint, mostly berry. Left the bag in while sipping and it didn’t bitter up until a good half hour had passed.

As to the restorative effects…I got up and mowed the dried weeds in our side yard (can’t call it grass), post-tantrum headache is still there, but not pounding. Might be worth a try.

Autistic Goblin

cool a Dr. Who mug.. I’m jealous!


Sorry that you’re sad and tumbling! Stay close to your Steepster friends!


Anticipate something great! Praying for you during the wait…

Autistic Goblin

Life will get better :D Just hang in there and muddle through untiil it does :D

Michelle Butler Hallett

So sorry about the publication snarl. That truly bites.

Also jealous of the Dr Who mug. :)


I am sorry to hear about your troubles. When life is hard it is always preparing you for something bigger and better! All of my positive thoughts go to you! :)


You are all kind. Thank you for letting me whimper.I know that I know that I know we will be provided for. God’s made that clear I don’t know how many times over the past year or so. We agreed to give me a weekend to mope and then we’ll just move on to “what’s next?” (Much of my moping this morning was done at a fill-a-bag-for-five-bucks used book sale.)


I have debated all day whether to post this… A while back while praying for rain, the thought was planted that the real blessing is in the sustaining during the drought. I am trying to hold on to that concept and apply it to life. I thought this might speak to you as well. Be blessed.


I have nothing to add, that hasn’t already been beautifully said, other than to give yourself that time to mope a bit. You’ll get “back to it” better that way.


You all are just precious, if nobody’s told you that recently.


D’oh sorry you are having such troubles. Virtual hugs and positive thoughts sent your way.


Love coming your way, GG! There is no easy way to go through these things, but I’m so glad we have tea to help a little. (Also – you’re such a good writer. Don’t let whatever is going on with THEM affect YOUR writing confidence!)


…and you too KS – Don’t keep your beautiful thoughts inside your head :) Do not hesitate. Your birds of a feather will understand :)


Hugs! I hope all becomes clearer very soon. Otherwise, I hope you find peace in the wait.


Well said, JacquelineM!


Praying for a little rain for all of us today.

Wish I could find Ricky Skaggs to sing it to you, but this is a fair kitchen-table cover of a song that sinks in deeply:

Lyrics here:

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