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Bought two of these in a recent order. They are generally a safe bet in ripe tea as COFCO usually produces a good ripe. This tea was overall very good although mind you not spectacular. It had a nice taste to it. There was a fair amount of fermentation flavor that was not too unpleasant it having matured for a few years. If it had ever had a fishy taste it was gone now. It was fairly bittersweet at the start too. The bitterness, like the fermentation didn’t last too long. I have been sick the past few days so I really was making no attempt to get the specifics down. So there could have been some chocolate taste in there but I don’t know for sure. I know it was a very nice tasting ripe and the price was quite low. I forget what I paid but I am pretty sure it was under $15. For a standard, factory ripe produced in huge quantities this is pretty good. I can only imagine how big the batch of this tea was.

I steeped this ten times in a 160ml solid silver teapot with 14.2g leaf and boiling water. I gave it a 10 second rinse. I steeped it for 5 sec, 5 sec, 7 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, and 1 min. It would certainly have gone a few more steeps. Has a nice dark color in the tenth steep.

Flavors: Dark Bittersweet, Sweet

Boiling 14 g 5 OZ / 160 ML

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This is a sweet and tasty puerh. It is somewhat earthy. The one in my cupboard must be the Devil’s Puerh because it is my 666th tea in My Cupboard. I need to stop buying tea for 2015 or at least keep it to a minimum. There is a slight undertone of another note too, I can’t figure out how to describe it, almost like an aged flavor but not quite.

I brewed this tea twice in an 18oz teapot and put the second steeping in a thermos to bring to an appointment. I used 3 tsp leaf and boiling water. I steeped it for 30 sec and 30 sec.

Flavors: Earth, Sweet

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 3 tsp 18 OZ / 532 ML

Your tea count makes me feel a bit better about mine :P Though it sounds like most of yours is puerh. Mine is filled with stuff that doesn’t age as well.


I need to stop buying tea = famous last words ;)


Most of my teas are puerh. I try not to buy anything else in quantity anymore.

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I am currently drinking steep five of this delicious ripe puerh. There is a fair amount of fermentation flavor left to this tea, but it is good. It is sweet and thick with a hint of camphor under the tongue. While I was not paying enough attention to this tea to really notice its nuances they are there. It does need a little aging however. It is quite good and worth a sample if you are ordering from puerhshop and don’t mind some fermentation flavor.

I brewed this five times in a 10oz gongfu mug with 10g leaf and boiling water. I brewed it for 15 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, and 30 sec. It did not need long steeps at all, it is strong.

Flavors: Camphor, Sweet

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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