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Cold Brew Sipdown (2582)!

It’s been a hot moment since I’ve done this, so I thought I’d do a “Teas I Drink In A Day” roundup a few days ago – no theme. Just whatever I wanted to drink.

Big thanks to davidsteashareaday on IG for giving me this sample! I’ve had this tea before a few times and thought it’s actually nice it’s never really all that memorable. I think this cold brew was a good example of that. It was a smooth, green tea forward profile with some sweet notes, some nuttier elements, and a hint of red fruit but generally speaking none of those flavours were particularly well fleshed out which created a tea that sort of felt like it was going through an identity crisis.

Not unpleasant, but the idea needs a little editing/refinishing in my opinion.

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This sample was a gift from my friend Chase (aka Davidsteashareaday on IG), who works at the Chicago Teahouse. I don’t know the history of what happened here SUPER well, but I believe Chicago Teahouse used to be the Chicago location of TeaGschwendner before it was taken over by new management and renamed?

Seems like, while there are some differences in teas, they’re primarily still using the same supplier and/or carrying the same blends. Like this one.

I know I’ve had it before (under the TeaGschwendner label), but it’s been years and I can’t remember what I thought of it then. As I drank this cup, I couldn’t help but fixate on the fact it’s such a European style of tea blending. Very naturally floral leaning (even with the jasmine in the blend), and that hallmark green and black tea blended base. It’s even got the red fruit flavouring. I think it’s supposed to be strawberry, but as I was drinking this mug my brain read it as raspberry.

Pretty solid!

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For anyone curious, this is “O’ Connor’s cream” but since chicago teahouse is no longer Tea Gschwedneder they have renames a few of their teas. Picked this up a few weeks back on a much needed quick break from the insanity of 16 days away from home for work


I live this one and have to keep talking myself out of ordering it. Not allowed until I get below 100 teas in the cupboard! (And I was given five new teas tonight!)

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