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J is for…Jin Jun Mei

I woke up with motivation to do work today. Too bad my nephew woke up with the motivation to refuse his milk and scream the whole day while his Dad is at the firehall. So while I have been aspiring to blast through a paper so I can submit and move on, I have now spent hours helping my sister calm him down.

This tea and time to do a tea note is my reward so I can calm down. Thank you Sil for sending it my way!

This cup is slightly astringent but also a lot of malt. Some cocoa notes as well – specifically cocoa powder, rather than chocolate. No creaminess and not sweet. It also smelled awesome so it could have been my steeping that messed it up because I smell/taste a lot of potential here.

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Thank you Sil for this one. Today it has more cocoa notes but its still not overly interesting. Cocoa. Malt. A sharp metallic endnote. Nothing special but still fun to try.

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H is for… Harishpur Estate

I took Sil’s advice and steeped this for 2.5 minutes. My first sip was brisk but also vanilla. So nice? I think. As I keep drinking, I notice the astringency more and the vanilla less. It’s alright but not a favourite. I will try playing around with it since I have one more serving. Thank you for sharing, Sil!

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Thank you Sil for this one as well. Grabbed a cup and the rest is off to Roswell Strange.

You wrote this was boring and I can sort of see it. I actually think it has slightly more flavour than the other Capital Tea I had today that you shared. A touch more malt and maybe a bit of chocolate and bready notes. Smooth and mild. Another everyday absentminded drinking sort of tea.


they were both boring lol

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Another tea from Sil. Thank you! Trying to blast through these so I can finally seal up the TTB and send it to Roswell Strange and some of the samples from Sil are for the two of us to split.

This one is fine. Smooth. Mild. Not much going on. If someone wanted tea to drink everyday and ignore, this could be it. Personally I usually drink tea for flavour so I don’t need more of this. If I was going to drink something absentmindedly, it would be water.

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This tea is the bomb.

That said, I am currently visiting friends in Ottawa —hence internet—and the water is just plain weird here. so the water is strange and the steeped tea does nottaste like itself. My friends who live here tell me that the water is hyper chlorinated.

My friends here have an N espresso machine, so we start the day with coffee and continue it with soda stream carbonated water (which somehow doesn’t retain the weird flavour).

I’ve been locked down for the better part of the year. Here, restrictions are a bit lighter. I got a haircut!!!!! (And look a bit less than a swamp thing.)

I’ll be doing more drinking of this tea when I get home to , what for me, is normal water..

Btw, this is evol ving ness..


It’s so good to see you!!


Good to see you too! Still no wifi at home. Hope to get that figured out soon.


Wow! Good to see you on here! Hope you get some better tea water soon!

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2021 sipdown no. 40

Nearly done these teas from Cameron!

This one is exactly what it says — a very vanilla black. I can confirm I do not care for vanilla teas. They taste musty to me and upset my stomach, but this tea is what it says it is, so one can’t fault it for that!

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 14 OZ / 414 ML

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Sipdown! Another relatively mild, inoffensive tea from capital teas. Nothing to write home about, but nothing that i’d turn down in future either.

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