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drank Boba Milk Tea by Bubble Tea
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Look here, if you have a sweet tooth and love tea, get this as a dessert next time you’re at a joint that has this.

Flavors: Almond, Butterscotch, Vanilla

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drank Boba Milk Tea by Bubble Tea
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I wasn’t sure where to put this so I just made a new entry. Tonight as I was Christmas shopping I wanted to show my daughter a coffee shop that I knew she would be interested in. It happened to be closed so she couldn’t go tonight, but it is a coffee shop/bakery/antique shop where you can sit and read and sip your cup of joe while enjoying being surrounded by cool antiques. I don’t know if they sell tea, but I would love that!

Lo and behold, there was a bubble tea shop on the other side of the shopping center!
I have never tried bubble tea. Sandy and I tried to go to one in Chapel Hill but sadly it had already closed – for good.

We went in and there were two young women working. The Asian girl was very, very young, probably still in high school, but she really knew her tea. She was able to tell me that they sourced their tea from China, used quality leaf, mixed black tea and golden tip for their black tea blends, and gave us free samples in little cups since I had never had any. The jasmine green milk tea was heavenly, but for some reason I wanted the heartier black milk tea tonight, perhaps because it was raining. Oh, and I saw a little sign that said to mention the rain, and I didn’t. As she rang me up, the young lady said she really wished I would say something about the weather, so I told her it was terrible out there? It had been pouring rain for hours. She smiled and said they have a rainy day discount and took ten percent off my order.

They had two tip jars, one labeled “Death Star Rejuvenation Fund” and the other “Hogwart’s Tuition Fund.” Cute!

The tea itself was bold even with milk and sugar, and had a definite espresso vibe to it with touches of chocolate and the barest hint of light smoke. Youngest told me it tasted a lot like the Taiwan milk tea she got in Chinatown in New York earlier this year.

I will be going back to get some of that jasmine green milk tea. I think in future I will leave out the tapioca pearls. They were okay but didn’t do a lot for me and I would rather enjoy the tea without them. They have so many other options that you can add – many of which I have never heard of but I am sure they are common to bubble tea.


I usually put my milk tea shop observations under Random Steepings. =). I’m glad you had a good milk tea experience! Sometimes when the barista isn’t too good, first timers are put off by it. Haha, if you come to California there’s milk tea places almost every few blocks, it’s like Starbucks out here.


I am curious about milk tea. What exactly is it? Is it different than bubble tea? I have had bubble tea, but I didn’t actually think it was tea. @ashmanra this sounds like a great little shop. I am glad you had a good experience with your youngest.

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