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drank Jasmine by Booths
313 tasting notes

Ok, so apparently jasmine is one of those flavours that you apparently smell and go “ooh, splendidly pretty” or “OH GOD GET IT AWAY FROM MY FACE NO NO NO NO NO” because I was at T2 in Shoreditch yesterday with Gentleman and a friend of ours, and somebody discovered how much they hate the smell of jasmine.

(Not me.)

(I love it.)

I cold brew this one quite a lot to take to work, but today I made it warm with a pinch of peppermint thrown in. Oh, hello soothing magnificence, warming and cooling, lightly floral and sweet. What a perfect combination.


Peppermint and jasmine? Oohhh! I like the way you think. Sounds nice.


That does sound like an excellent idea!

Sami Kelsh

SO GOOD, you guys. So good.

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drank Jasmine by Booths
313 tasting notes

Okay, so I’ve been a bit horribly rubbish at keeping updated on my tea adventures, but this is partly because I’ve not had enough chance to drink all my teas! That is to say, I spent more of last week in Oxford than I did at home in Manchester, in part because a local ice cream cafe in Oxford invited me to interview last week, and hired me on the spot to work in the bakery. I’M GETTING PAID TO BAKE STUFF, GUYS. This is huge.

I’m applying my craft to creating the most perfect traditional bagels and developing exciting and innovative new pastries and refining existing recipes. I have a feeling that it’s going to be so rewarding.

This is the first tea I made for myself when I arrived home Tuesday night, in part because I’d not been home for nearly a week and my milk had gone off, and in part because I find jasmine to be such a serene, uplifting, and comforting taste. This tea fits the bill perfectly. It’s a beautiful, pure jasmine, floral but not cloying, not too girly. Just very nicely balanced. This tea was a gift from Gentleman, when he spied it at the Booths supermarket (which, I believe, is a small chain mostly local to Lancashire and known for stocking very high quality foods) when visiting a few weekends ago. I’m so blessed with this life.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec

Woo Hoo baking for Pay Checks! Of course that means lots of tea to go with those bagels.


Omg!! congratulations on the baking gig! you’ve needed to be paid for your baking since forever. So happy!!


So, so happy for you!


Congrats! Glad your enjoying it so far.

carol who

That’s truly wonderful! Glad to hear you got a job you’ll like. Money is always a good thing! :-) Does that also mean you’ll be in Oxford with your Gentleman?

Sami Kelsh

Thanks guys! The salary isn’t huge, but it feels SO good to be doing, well, baking!


Congrats! That’s so great!

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