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Well, my wisdom teeth are OUT! Finally!

I have to say that all in all it went pretty smoothly; three of four were able to be pulled out without much trouble and the fourth was taken out in pieces because they couldn’t pull it out. The sound of the dentist pulling out the teeth was one of the most disgusting sounds I’ve ever heard though. That crunching noise sounded like bones breaking, to be honest. And it made me go ice cold and want to throw up.

After getting ‘em pulled, I had to wait around at the drug store to get a prescription for medical grade aspirin filled: my face was still numbed and I had my mouth stuffed full with gauze. We were there maybe half an hour waiting for the damn prescription to get filled? At some point I started drooling blood all over myself but I couldn’t feel it. We noticed way too late; I wrecked a favourite sweatshirt of mine because of the blood stains. So much blood…

Then I had an afternoon of nothing but pain and liquid foods. However, the dentist specifically banned any hot foods: only cold things. So, I went a day without any with one exception tea because I didn’t have anything cold brewed. What I did have was a lot of ice cream, some YOP, and some cold butternut squash soup. I’ve since upgraded today to very soft foods in addition to liquids. It’s frustrating though, tbh.

My one exception to the day without tea was a bottle of this: I know I made a note not to buy it again but I really needed something to drink and it was on sale at the drugstore when I was getting that prescription filled. It was quite satisfying; cool, refreshing, creamy…

Now I’m just waiting for the massive holes/sockets where the teeth were to heal up. I’m quite tender today; enough so I went home from work early because I was in so much pain. I wish I was allowed to take more of the medical grade aspirin but they’re pretty strict about the allowed dosage…


Ah well, good you had it done & fingers crossed they heal up swiftly so you can get back to drinking hot drinks! :)


I’m sure you’re glad that’s done! The pain will be gone soon too. Hang in there


Aw, my daughter Superanna just got hers out a couple of weeks ago and got dry socket! Take care of yourself!


This is why I’ve never had my wisdom teeth out. I’m happier putting up with the occasional bother they cause me! I hope you’re pain free (and back on the tea!) soon :)


My sympathies, mine were impacted so I actual needed surgery to get them out, which frankly was waaay easier as I was unconscious for most of it.

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I swear, this bottle had more cinnamon in it than normal…

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Impulse purchase while grocery shopping…

Even thought this barely counts as tea I definitely enjoyed it. I think more than I did last time, because my ‘60’ rating seems a little critical? I mean, you have to acknowledge this for what it is: sure it’s nothing fancy but it’s easily accessible and convenient, smooth, and tasty enough to pack along for lunch at work.

Plus: lots of protein = great for vegetarians.

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Of course this was already in the database. Tea addicts will justify just about anything as “drinking tea” if it means getting to count it; which is, of course, exactly what I was doing when I searched for this one to see if I could log it…

We sell this one at work, and I see people in the staff room drinking this one may more over all the other Bolthouse drinks we sell so I got curious, and I bought myself some. Honestly, it was pretty good but I can see why non-serious tea drinkers like it; it’s very sweet with very little actual tea flavour (if any, really) but they can still say they’re being health conscious and drinking tea. Though all the extra protein and crap in it didn’t hurt since I’ve always had trouble getting enough protein as a vegetarian.

It was just SO milky and creamy, and smooth as silk. But it was like someone brewed up a cup of good Chai, and then added a ‘splash’ of milk to it – only by splash they meant like four fucking cups of milk. It had a nice, light vanilla flavour too – and the spices that were there were nice and light, and kind of gingerbread cookie like.

For what it is, it’s good. Doubt I’ll repurchase though – it’s really expensive!

Today’s word of the day is curiou. A curio is “an object or article valued because it is strange or rare”. I’m not ashamed to say that I just had a minor paradigm shift; I had heard the word before when attached to cabinet (Curio Cabinet), but only in that pairing so up until like five minutes ago my belief was that was simply a different kind or style of cabinet. Yay – learning things!

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I just picked this up today, it was only 3 dollars, but man is it delightful! It’s filling, creamy, and a perfect meal replacement for on the go ( if you get the 15 ounce/450mL). The only thing is that it’s a little sweeter than I would like, but all in all I definitely will be going back for more!


Would you say that it’s a good meal replacement that’s tea flavoured or it’s a good tea-flavoured beverage that can also function as a meal replacement?

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I just picked up a huge bottle of this, and I thought I’d check and see if it’s on here since it technically has tea in it. I love this stuff! Tastes like a thick, creamy vanilla soymilk with a little spice in it. If you like soymilk, you should definitely try it! Om nom nom.

I don’t think I’ll give it a rating since it’s not really tea.

Flavors: Creamy, Spices, Vanilla


I take my vitamins with this…. it makes me want to take my vitamins!

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Sorry, just had to post this note for sh*ts and giggles. I’m sure someone on here, you the regulars, must have drank this at some point but just didn’t note it. I drink it all the time. I wouldn’t say it’s in my fridge always but quite often.

This is so tasty. Too sweet but oh so tasty. Of course you don’t get a resteep. And you also shouldn’t drink more than a glass a day. If you have never tried this, you must.

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Wow! Awesome! I always loved this drink, but never really never thought of it as a tea, but I found it here while browsing Steepster reviews! I love this. It’s so sweet, it’s creamy, it’s totally awesome. There’s a nice, smooth overlay of vanilla and the soy complements it so well. I usually dislike green tea (except matcha), but this tea tastes so good, it’s hard to believe the base is green tea! O_O It doesn’t have that “Aah…” moment that comes from drinking hot tea, but it’s really flavorful and sweet! It’s like candy in a bottle! Definitely not like tea at all, but great all the same. Good for gluttons and sugar-lovers like myself.

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I picked this up at Kroger after noticing it a few days ago when shopping for salad fixin’s. It’s dairy-free, which is alright with me, and soy based. I’m a fiend for chai, and the idea of not having to make it myself appealed to me today.

It’s actually really tasty. The spices aren’t particularly strong, complex, or unique, but it does taste like chai and smooth, creamy vanilla. It’s pretty sweet also, but not too much. Maybe a little sweeter than I would have made it myself, but it’s also creamier than I would have been able to do since I usually add a small amount of milk. I could see myself having this instead of breakfast on my way into midtown. I will certainly pick it up again.

And is it ever filling! The 15-ounce bottle is like a meal to me.

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I remember this! I stumbled upon it in Target about a month ago. It was quite tasty and the soy gave it this smooth texture. I may not have shaken it up well enough though, because I swear the first few sips were not as sweet at the last half – which was too sweet for me. I love anything with sugar in it too. So if you want to try it, shake it up really well!

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So good. So bad for me. Backlogged from SO long ago.

Ashley Bain

the bf and I lovee this stuff.

Erin Hurley

Used it as a mixer back in the day….. I was nasty…

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I saw this in the market on Sunday and figured it was worth a shot. Sure it was almost 5 bucks, but I still added it to the cart. Also my husband was interested so that sealed the deal for me. This was pretty good. Very refreshing and enjoyable. Plus it was made with soy which made my day. Regular dairy products and I don’t talk anymore…

PLUS my husband loves it! WOOHOO….I got him to drink a sort of “tea” that he likes. We’ll be buying this one again.

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Didn’t just have this- but it’s pretty decent for those that want a soy RTD chai option, but I’m still on the search for a soy flavored soy protien powder or a soy chai latte drink mix. PM me if you have ideas.


I like this because it has so much protein and still tastes delicious. I get this and will normally just enjoy a half bottle at a time due to calories. However, this is tasty for a RTD option with about 15grams of protein per serving. That is a lot!


half a bottle at a TIME??? Whoa that’s a lot! I just drink 8oz at a time. I’m looking for a soy based chai latte mix. I prefer mixes over this.

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