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I don’t think my tasting notes are going to be great tonight because literally all day my mind has felt like a weird, blurry combination of a pinball machine and a hamster running on a wheel. I’m feeling so spacey and having such a hard time focusing…

I had this one, I think, last weekend? It’s been a while – I’ve put off writing the tasting note because I wanted to take time to really explain what I would do for a Caleb inspired tea blend (because it’s SUPER different from this one) but I think I’m just gonna have to do that at a later date. I want to do the description justice since he’s my favourite character…

This tea, while not what I’d picture for either the character of Caleb or Frumpkin, is really nice! I think it’s my favourite of the Critical Role teas yet, actually. The taste is a little bit softer but the liquor is really thick and creamy – with a coating sensation on the palate. It tastes primarily of silky peppermint and cream with more nutty and woody body flavours from the rooibos. I know there’s oolong in the blend, but I don’t know if I necessarily picked up on a lot of “oolong type” flavours other than the creaminess.

I’ll try to write a better tasting note in the future.

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I did not enjoy this tea because I don’t really enjoy sencha and this is very literally just straight sencha dusted in matcha. It was just a tiny bit buttery, but mostly wildly oceanic/marine tasting with some grassier undertones. Just not my preference/ideal cup.

That said, I feel like it’s a pretty perfectly spot on tea for Fjord (the Critical Role character this is inspired by) – those greener and oceanic notes are perfect for this half orc sailor, and I really can’t think of much else that I would have done different for him myself. Great character interpretation overall, even if it’s not my jam.

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Continuing the tradition of drinking my Critical Role inspired teas whilst watching Critical Role. This is definitely one of the less creative/fun ones in my opinion – it tastes like your very basic and standard black tea chai. Not unpleasant, but not my thing either and honestly just a little bit boring. I know it’s supposed to have chestnut in it, which is the “twist” on the chai profile but I didn’t feel like it translated into the cup at all.

That said, there’s still something fun and engaging about drinking a fandom blend while you engage with the fandom – even if the tea is just sort of okay.

I definitely think I’d have taken a different approach with my own “Nott/Veth” inspired blend were I to make one – something boozier for sure. Maybe a sweet cherry blend with a whiskey undertone to it? I know it’s canon that Nott likes Cherry Wine so that could be a fun nod to the character.

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More Critical Role inspired teas!

I haven’t really thought about what a Beauregard tea might look like, but without putting a lot of thought into it I feel like maybe a “Blueberry Fruit Punch” would be a good vibe? Blueberry for the blue colour of the Cobalt Soul and Fruit Punch both for the pun (since she’s a Monk/fights with her fists) and for that more vibrant/intense and colourful flavour to match her attitude and level of sarcasm. Idk.

This was definitely interesting and it didn’t immediately scream “Beau” to me, but I enjoyed the cup a lot. I’ll need to look at the ingredients again, but it was like a sweet blue/purple berry forward cup of black tea with undertones of bergamot and a cooling minty finish. A lot going on, but surprisingly works? I guess you could call that fitting for her character, even though bergamot/Earl Grey seems wildly out of place to me. I also am not sure if I’ve had a minty EG before and the prospect leaves me feeling… weirded out.

Honestly it was really that yummy fruit flavour that pulled everything together/made me enjoy this cuppa.

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I must really be craving florals today because this is my third floral teas of the day. It was a delicious and highly sippable mug though; I didn’t get much from the oolong base aside from body and a little bit of a mineral undertone but the mixture of chamomile, lavender, and a lot of rose. God, I love rose so much!

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Okay – this is pretty close to being the perfect blend composition for the character it’s inspired by. I absolutely would have gone with the exact same floral approach, and the level of florals is actually really balanced here: I taste rose, lavender, and chamomile without this being aggressively floral/perfumey. Rose is probably the strongest of that trio, but not by a whole lot.

I think the only change I may have made was using something like a mix of more neutral black tea and then some smoky Lapsang Souchong as the tea base. That burly aggressive smoke would have felt appropriate to me for this gothic looking barbarian, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to drown out the soft floral sweetness. That said, I like the Phoenix Oolong base a lot in terms of blend composition/flavour – it’s honey sweetness and light roast give a really nice complimentary body and depth to the florals.

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More Critical Role themed teas! (This is one I drank pre-fucked up tooth)

At the point of Critical Role that I’m at right now, we don’t know a ton about the character who inspired this blend – Caduceus Clay. However, there’s enough that I feel like I know him well enough to feel like this blend is a bit of a weird character fit. He’s a Cleric and tender of a generational graveyard, who happens to make make tea out of the plants that grow over the decomposing graves – all while being an incredibly wise and gentle soul. So a Hazelnut Strawberry blend!? Idk, doesn’t feel right…

I do like the deeply complex and earthy shou pu’erh tea base though – that seems appropriate for both the character and the environment he hails from. Something fermented/aged and connected to nature in terms of taste/flavour direction. I feel like I probably would have personally gone for more of a herbaceous direction and used things like nettle leaf, assorted roots like chicory, or more calming ingredients like chamomile or jasmine as part of the blend composition if I was making a blend for Caduceus. Also probably a handful of spices – within the group he often takes on the role of party cook and has a penchant for creating flavourful spiced dishes. So an herbal and root forward shou chai!? Idk – he’s a hard character to pin down.

All of that said, I did enjoy this blend a lot. The strawberry is pretty sweet and sticky, with a bit of that “soda style” strawberry syrup flavour, but the hazelnut is rich and compliments the earthiness of the shou pu’erh base very well. Not overly complex, but in that way it seems appropriate for this gentle and wise soul who is, for the most part, satisfied with a simple life.

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Cold Brew!

I absolutely have a Critical Role obsession problem right now, so you best bet that I went and ordered myself a bunch of Critical Role inspired teas. This one takes inspiration from the ever colorful and flamboyant tiefling Mollymauk Tealeaf.

I think it’s just wayyyyy too perfect for a Molly inspired tea to used something colourful like Butterfly Pea Flower. As such, this tea steeps up a brilliant blue colour. However, the taste is very soft – just a gentle berry and apple note alongside the more off putting taste of the butterfly pea flower itself. It’s nice visually, but just doesn’t have the right punch of flavour for this character.

I think my version of a Mollymauk tea would have some similarities – like I would keep the vibrant colour. However, I would probably do a really punchy and flavourful Blueberry Lemonade taste profile – combined with the pea flower the acid of the lemon would result in a purple liquor colour, which is just perfect for this purple tiefling. I’d probably add just a bit of lavender as well, as a nod to the lavender perfume that Molly wore.

Yup – that sounds right.

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