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drank Tea Candy by Bali's Best
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Some of my clothes want me to lose some weight. The month of January (lack of light, lack of exercise, lack of serotonin, etc.) doesn’t care whether I do or not. While the two are battling it out, I am hoping these little babies will help stem the 1:30 p.m. “just shut up and give me a three-pack of Zingers” blues.

They were a Christmas present from my son—a three pack of Classic Iced Tea, Citrus Green Tea, and Green Tea Latte. So far, I’ve haven’t ventured further than the Classic, but it does taste exactly like southern sweet tea with simple syrup. I don’t like it in a glass, but in a hard candy, it’s pretty tasty!


I get the “your kids got all those sour candies for the holidays and you know you want them” blues.


Where did he get these?!


Cool gift!


I get these from my local international market – they’re good!


Available on Amazon.

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drank Tea Candy by Bali's Best
1473 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure if I should add this, but I figured if Arizona can be listed, so can this. It does contain tea! Also, I am loving these! I want to run back to Bulk Barn and buy the other two flavors. It really does taste like a glass of iced tea, it takes me back to my Southern roots and I just melt.

Delicious. Definitely a try for everyone!

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