Babe's Sparkling Bee Line

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As I mentioned in a previous tasting note, it was actually kind of hard to find local RTD companies that were tea related so when we came across this company on our first full day in Victoria I seized the opportunity.

They’re actually not a tea company, as you may have guess from the name. What they make is “honey water”. Definitely not my first time seeing these types of honey beverages, but it was my first time trying one. The drink was actually less sweet than I had braced myself for, but the honey note was strong with more of a creamed honey/honeycomb kind of vibe where you can sort of taste the beeswax just a little. In contrast the Earl Grey notes were light, but I did feel the bergamot was distinct in its unique citrus flavour with a equally present vanilla note as well. Subtle, but more refreshing than I’d expected it to be and I was kind of just happy to be getting more of the taste for local RTDs that I’d hoped for initially.

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