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Whisked up and enjoyed iced post workout/walk.

I expected this to taste a lot more spicy heavy, and I really anticipated not enjoying it at all. However, the strongest flavour was BY FAR the rooibos in the blend. Very, very woody with a bit of a pepperiness as a subtle honey element, with light turmeric/ginger. VERY light turmeric/ginger. I actually liked it a lot.

Not sure if this helped me “recover” from my workout – I suppose in the sense that I was very parched and it was highly hydrating? But other than that, I’m not sure.

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Sipdown (2321)!

I’ll be honest in saying that the matcha quality here is rough, but the composition itself is kind of interesting. It’s much fruitier and sweeter than you think is should be, especially because the smell is like an assault of cayenne pepper. Heat level is pleasant when you drink it though, and if you can get past the slight cooked vegetable note of the rougher green tea then I think the rest of what they’re doing here is really fun and interesting.

Rest of this is going into the SVTTB – I thought this was just a unique and surprising blend, so seemed fun to share it.

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Hotel tea!

The hotel that we stayed at while in Winnipeg had a really nice, free buffet breakfast every morning – actually the nicest breakfast of any hotel I’ve ever stayed at. We ate there for breakfast every morning during the six mornings I was at the hotel – and it was usually pretty nice. I experimented a little bit with that I picked each morning, but overall my favourite was hands down mini waffles with shredded coconut and mango sauce. Delicious!

I also made myself a cup of tea with my breakfast each morning, and on the first morning this is what I chose – because I needed that energy boost for my first in store visit! I also made a cup of it for my mom as well, since she was fascinated by the concept of this matcha. It was a delicious cup; sweet and fruity/melony as it usually is with just a hint of warmth in the back of your throat from the cayenne. Really easy to drink, and actually a great addition to breakfast.

It still frustrates me not knowing exactly where that fruity note comes from – I mean, it has to be the flavouring in the blend but I’m just so damn morbidly curious exactly what the flavouring is. Oh well; it’s a mystery I’m sure I’ll never solve…

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Drank hot on my way in to the office yesterday; it rained pretty much all day and having something hot on my commute (both to and from the office) was a God send. I still find this weirdly sweet and melon-y in terms of taste, and I like it a lot but I can’t help but feel that the profile is very strange and weird for the ingredients in this blend. I did still get some spice in the finish though; the warmth of it in the back of my throat actually soothed it a lot what with the whole being sick thing and all…

I kept thinking that this tasted like a melon drop shot/cocktail though (but with some spice) – which is basically melon liqueur and orange juice.

Just so strange.

Evol Ving Ness

Wow, this is an awful lot of tea that you are drinking, Ms. Strange.

Roswell Strange

Ha; I think I average around seven cups of tea a day? I don’t write about all of them though (even it it may seem that way), as much of that is for work – I generally own write about my “personal” teas. I also have developed the routine/habit of batching most of my reviews and doing them in one go on a day or evening off, so this is my week’s worth of notes ;)

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So, I was really pleasantly surprised by this one!

The first of these athletic matchas that I tried was the “perform” and I really disliked it. I had super low expectations for this one because of that: not only do the ingredients seem similar but I was really worried about how strong the cayenne in this might actually taste.

In practice, this was surprisingly sweet and fruity! If anything, I found myself constantly going back to the mental imagery of eating/drinking sweeter watermelon type food and drink? Sort of like a liquid version of the watermelon gummy candies that you can buy at convenience stores – but just a tiny bit more natural. Some heat from the cayenne, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s also a great contrast to the sweet melon-y elements, creating a sense of depth and breaking apart what could very easily become too rich and cloying.

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Sipdown (719)!

This is sort of a sipdown – I’m actually tossing out the rest of the packet. It’s something that I rarely do with teas, but I can’t get the zip to reseal on the packaging no matter what I do and I don’t really have another container I’m willing to transfer the matcha to. Plus, I spilled a bunch of it in my attempt to reseal it…

I am drinking a hot matcha bowl of it right now though; that’s the whole reason I had the package out in the first place. It’s better tasting that might previous tasting note would seem to indicate – but it’s not great. None of these “Athletic Matchas” taste like what you’d expect from the name and “feature” ingredients. Like, this one tastes like that sort of sweet and juicy generic “Orange Sports Drink” vibe along with ginger and ginseng. It’s probably the whole ‘Athletic Matcha’ thing that’s specifically giving me the sports drink vibe, but whatever. The worst part is honestly just the mealy texture…

I’m not loving this, but I’ll finish it for the sake of the sipdown.

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I didn’t care for this “matcha” at all…

It’s not that I’m at all opposed to a matcha that has other ingredients blended into it as well; in fact that’s a concept I’m definitely very curious about. The functional/athletic elements don’t appeal to me at all – but I’m also VERY CLEARLY not the target demographic for this sort of tea either, and I have a hunch that the people it would be marketed towards are probably a lot less concerned about flavour than I personally am.

It was just SUPER sweet and intense; the ginseng in this blend is so incredibly heavy handed that it was practically the only thing that I could taste! Though, of course, the taste of equally sweet and juicy orange was able to punch through the rest of the ginseng sweetness and make for a pretty cloying, fruity element that I had not braced myself for. So future notes for myself are that if I ever attempt to make this again I’m going to need to underleaf this by an INCREDIBLE amount. Like, barely any matcha at all, really. That, or find some sort of culinary use for it? Not sure what that would be, though…

The other thing definitely of note here is that there are some textural issues as well. It’s definitely not the worst textured matcha I’ve ever had (even within the last two weeks), but there’s a bit of that powdery/gritty mouthfeel going on from the non-tea powder elements in this blend that haven’t been ground down as finely. It would probably also settle very quickly, for the same reason. Just heavier/larger ground things in the mix.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention it, this was iced!


What a waste of ceremonial grade matcha.

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