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Pinched this one in the fridge with a little baking soda.(So glad you taught me that trick, fellow Steepsters!) Truthfully, I may have overdone it a little bit—the idea is not to turn it into baking soda water, but to take the acidic edge off. But there is a noticeable difference in the sharpness/brassiness of this cheapie tea. And playing alchemist is just fun.

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Further proof that sometimes a cheapie tea is just what you need for the moment. Hubby fighting off an achey-icky stomach bug, and just needed something to settle his stomach. He was a little hesitant to grab anything out of my fancy tins and pouches, and found this languishing in the cupboard.

Just warm tea, he said, that put an end to the flip-flopping nausea.

Everybody needs an “it’ll do.” This tends to be ours.

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Time for the ol’ summer staple. No tea snobbery here. Steeped cheap, slurped without ceremony, stored in the fridge for an indeterminate length of time, including the bags for cool eye compresses…it’s all good.


My favorite review of the day!


Hand me a wrench K S

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Sometimes, fine dining and home cooking options notwithstanding, you just need a couple of McDonald’s single hamburgers to scratch the dietary itch.

In like manner, fine tea options notwithstanding, sometimes you just need something old-shoe common to drink. This is it. Grocery store tea, little half and half, there you go. Of course, it doesn’t have the flavor depth of all our good stuff, but it is fresh and warm and no-fuss. All pluses on this last day of vacation before (sigh) real life resumes.


I get that – it’s the same reason I still have a box of Red Rose tea in my cupboard. ;)


I haven’t seen Red Rose in local groceries … around here, it would be considered “imported” :) and priced accordingly.


I think it’s mostly a Canadian brand – they used to come with these cute little collectable ceramic figurines, though sadly not any more.


Actually, the Canadian Red Rose Blend is different. Last time I bought a box I got a figurine. :))

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Made a full gallon of this and it’s been in the fridge for the better part of a week. This morning, it was so oppressively humid when we woke up (air conditioning at Shabby House leaves a lot to be desired) I ran straight for the jug. For a cheapie tea, it has stayed pretty fresh, doesn’t have that astringent/detergent taste that a lot of grocery store teas do. No, it’s not high quality, but when you need to guzzle in large quantities, it’s suitable.

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Despite my love of the good stuff, I have always kept a pack of grocery store brand bags on hand for the sun tea jar — days like today, COLD trumps flavor. Tagless variety also makes for a good sunburn or eye compress. Headed to the farm to power wash muddy household goods, so this may come in handy for both purposes.


You inspired me! I just threw some old Luzianne bags in a glass pitcher to cold brew. Don’t know if it will work as a cold brew, but we will know by this evening! My mother-in-law’s dentist gives you a teabag when he pulls a tooth. He says to dampen it and then bite on it to stop the bleeding and help the clot form. Tea!


Me too! I’m always too miserly to waste my good stuff on a jug of sun tea. All teas have their place.


I was disappointed to see that no Always Save teas have been reviewed here…
:) You may have started something gmathis!

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