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drank Morning After by AlphaHE
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Aroma: I was expecting something a little more aromatic, but the aroma is actually fairly plain, if not slightly herby.

Flavour: A very chai feel, herbs provide a light spice and the tea is incredibly strong and bitter.

What the boys said: As AlphaHE is targeted specifically at men, and I am thoroughly female, I thought it would be insightful to see what my partner and flat mate thought.
The Initial Taste: Both felt it tasted like a normal tea
When asked if they would drink this as a hangover cure: Neither said yes or no (winner?)
When asked if they would add milk to this: Both said no.

Looks like the boys weren’t that keen and although they initially said they didn’t think they would drink this with milk, Tris did later try it and enjoyed the blend much more!

Final Thoughts: Definitely tastes better with both milk and sugar, than it does as a black tea. As a result, like most chai‘s, I found the flavour to be quite comforting, but not something I would usually turn to, opting for a better chai. I could easily see this getting someone through a long Friday after cocktails or beers on a thirsty Thursday.

Flavors: Bitter, Ginger, Licorice, Spices, Tea

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