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NOT a real milk oolong. Milk oolong is not supposed to have flavoring added.

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Personally, I love it. It tastes like cinnamon candy, like Red Hots or a milder version of Atomic Fireballs. Mmmmm, Halloween. Sure it’s not a loose leaf tea that costs $15 just to sniff, but so what? It’s good!

Don’t get me wrong, I like loose leaf teas just fine. However, some of the venomous, haughty attitudes of the reviewers here towards anything that’s not super-premium expensive loose leaf tea picked by pixie princesses is ridiculous.

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Really disappointing. I had high hopes for this tea since I love their plain rose tea. I figured chocolate, roses, what’s not to like?

I saw whole rosebuds in the bag, but when I smelled it I only got a muddled scent that wasn’t very rosey at all. I didn’t taste any chocolate, nor roses either. I barely tasted tea it was so weak. When cooled, I get the barest hint of rose, but not much else. To tell the truth, I’m beginning to wonder if I got a leftover bag from last year that had gone stale.

The first cup I steeped for five minutes, and poured it down the drain because it was so bland. The second was drinkable only because I steeped it for two minutes more and threw in some rose tea.

If all their “special” Valentine teas are this lackluster, I think I’ll skip out on them next year.

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