I’m always western style brewing unless stated otherwise. I can’t edit my profile to say that, it’s broken or something.

I’m on a quest to try all my W2T shu and maybe find another gem. I’ve tried 3 different ones today; 2020 Bamboo Shu, Old Reliable, and Saturday Mass. So far Bamboo Shu is my favorite but Saturday Mass sure is interesting.

Old Reliable! Already managing expectations pretty well with that name – I wasn’t expecting a circus. The soup smell is funky and I liked it. Didn’t get a powerful funk, just a spunky, oatmeal lumpy affair. Unfortunately it didn’t translate to the taste as well as I would have liked but I’m happy to say that this tea was extra-medium in nearly every way and yet, reliable. Taste was mostly damp forest floor notes with a hint of wood. Not much sweetness from the brew. Mouthfeel wasn’t thin but… plain I guess. Bittered slightly as it cooled.

If this tea was a job it would be middle-management in a conservative accounting firm. Some people might really dig on the earthy woody profile. I need to try more brewing techniques and see if I can draw out something more to my interest. Maybe this one would be a good candidate to mix with other teas and see what magic you can drum up?

Flavors: Forest Floor

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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