The July TeaLog Catchup !

I looked up this tea, anticipating reading others’ reviews to see what people thought of it, and it wasn’t even in the Steepster database yet!! No!! I do not want to be the first one to review this tea! But I am. =) So be it.

I brought one of each of Frank’s SBT’s iced tea blends to try as a gift to my mom and dad, who both like iced tea, but also for myself. That is, I’m leaving them at my parents’ house but they cannot drinking them unless it’s during when I’m staying there, which is close to half of each month so it’s not that bad.

I also brought a Teavana 64oz pitcher off of Amazon to go with them because my parents do not have a pitcher that has a lid. The lid is orange, my mom’s favorite color, and the SBT iced teas made 64oz, both of which are why I picked this pitcher. I would not normally buy Teavana stuff as a rule. Turns out, the lid doesn’t fit very snugly and the pitcher holds 8oz less than stated when filled to the absolute brim. =p But it is a good size to fit into their always crowded fridge.

Now on to the tea. I ended up easily getting two approx 56oz pitchers from the single bag. The first one steeped the recommended 3 minutes and the second left to stew for probably around 15. Both were lightly sweetened.

My mom really loved the tea. She was amazed at SBT’s selection period. She commented that she could taste the tea then the lime then the cola as she swallowed. I was surprised at how specific she was in her “tasting notes”, given that she rarely drinks more than bagged grocery store teas.

My thoughts were exactly the opposite. I tasted more cola than tea and the lime as an aftertaste.

My dad was less than enthused by the oddly flavored tea combo, though he did try it at least, but I suspect he will enjoy the more normal fruity blends.

Rating: 65. Smack dab in the middle of my nice range. Mostly because I’m not the biggest coke drinking. I do like lime coke. But coke isn’t something I can drink all day long. Iced tea should be.


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I’m 33 years old, studying pharmacy, and have a surly cat named Bin. I love tea, coffee, beer, wine, and most things food and beverage related. I also love music, movies, reading, writing, and learning new things.

I’ve drank tea all my life but about five to six years ago, my close friend Spautz got into tea and got me more into tea. I drink black teas and tisanes/herbals most. Since receiving a variable temperature kettle from my parents for Xmas this past year, I’ve been drinking more greens, oolongs, and whites. I’m very very new to puerh. That is, I’ve had only one.

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