(55 = probably good but not to my taste. Should be renamed “Jamaica Yams.”)

Disclaimer, I’ve never actually tasted rhubarb; to me, the tea smells like peaches and something vaguely like a yam or sweet potato. Sadly it does not taste of peaches at all - TeaForte, if you just named your teas properly you’d get much better ratings!

I didn’t notice the hibiscus initially but after a few sips it became pretty obvious. Objectively this is not a bad tea: hibiscus/rhubarb lovers would probably enjoy it, but the hibiscus flavor plus the lack of peach means I won’t be buying it again.

Brewed from a “single-steeps” loose tea packet. This one had nice large pieces and no dust.

Flavors: Hibiscus, Yams

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(FYI: If I have a low numerical rating + “Would recommend” it means it’s a good quality tea but has something I personally don’t like. It’s not you, it’s me.)

Smaller and less deadly than its sister Chimera (“kai-mera”), the Chai-mera makes mischief by over-brewing tea, burning unguarded leaves, and kidnapping small livestock. It is typically found in the backs of cupboard and sometimes under beds where, if not aggravated, it can serve as a delightful foot warmer.

TEA RATINGS: My version of Steepster’s emoticon rating:
90-100 :D = One of my all-time favorites / a cupboard staple.
75-90 :9 = Pretty tasty!
50-75 :) = Quality tea but not to my taste OR Might drink again if gifted.
25-50 :/ = Ranges from drinkable to decent. (Wouldn’t go out of my way for it, but might finish what I have.)
01-25 XP = Down the drain with ye!

SEARCHING FOR: a good herbal or noncaf (no hibiscus, please).

I sometimes include a TRAVEL NOTES section about whether a tea stands up to rugged use (won’t overbrew in a thermos, can make a decent cup with hot tap water, etc).

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