87 Tasting Notes

I received a lovely care package from the super sweet Dexter this week, with a generous selection of oolongs (and a couple citrusy treats because yum, citrus!)

This is my first leafhopper tea, and I was really excited to try it. I had heard that leafhoppers are really unique, and this is definitely different than I expected (in a good way).

The llaf looks and smells like quite a green oolong, with a slight creaminess towards the end. So I expected a crisp, green tasting brew.

Steeped, it gains a light toastiness, rather than the creaminess the dry leaf scent had. The liquor is a darker gold thsthan expected as well, which, I think, gives sipping it a bit extra luxury feeling (holy balls Bear. Speak english much?)

I’m going to fiddle and see what other steeps offer, but watching it steep in my little glass gongfu teapot makes me happy and helps take awareness away from the wet grey yuck outside the window.

Thank you Dexter!!!!

Flavors: Green, Hay, Roasted, Toasty


YAY!!! Happy that you are enjoying it. :)

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Thank you again Sil for sharing some Red Leaf with me a while back.

I saved my last serving of this for a day like today, because out of all the flavours I was able to try, this was the one that felt like a cup of hugs and smiles. A liquid teddy bear of sorts.

I tossed some fresh goat’s milk (that I got from a friend yesterday) in the microwave to warm up, put a light froth to it with my electic frothing wand, added the matcha and a pinch of brown sugar, and frothed til it was green and foamy. It’s sweet and very much irish creamy, the goat’s milk has just enough tang to cut the thickness that teeny bit so it doesn’t simply coat my tongue, but not so tangy that it overpowers the sweet creaminess either.

So thank you again Sil for the cup of comfort on a really uncomfortable day. <3


Oh that sounds amazing. I love goats milk.

Bear With Me

I do too. I’m lucky to have a friend with a hobby farm, so I get eggs, chicken, milk, and cheese from her in exchange for helping with her horse.


Oooh, that sounds nice. I love goat cheese, though I’m not sure I have ever had goat milk before. I’m told it is better than cow milk for some dairy sensitive people. I think I may still have some matcha left, so if you like, and I have it, I can pass the rest on to you. Let me know? :)


Yes, I do have some left…a few varieties, including a little more Irish Cream.


Goats milk around here is a pita to find. Last time I saw some, it was expired… sitting on the grocery shelf. What a waste!


It is available here, but really expensive to get.

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Slept til nearly 2pm, but still exhausted. Ugh, mental health issues suuuccckkkk…

I received a little bottle of homemade irish cream just after Christmas, and with the way I feel today I figure it’s time to open it.

Irish cream + irish breakfast = perfect pair.

Janet’s irish breakfast is a CTC black blend that is nice and bold, but still smooth.

3 Tbsp leaf to approx 600ml water and 100ml irish cream in my DAVIDs latte mug. 4min steep got me a good strong brew that stands up to the irish cream without overpowering.

Nap time after I finish sipping.

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My sister picked up a buttload of Grapefruit EG, Grapefruit Rooibos, and a wee bit (50g) of this one for me before she came home at Christmas.

Oh my goodness, I can see why the Tea Frens like this!

I wish the base was a wee bit stronger. It’s smooth, but a bit weak. I think a nice rich Assam would be perfect with the sweet nutty nougat.

I think I’m going to make a latte out of it now that this plain cup is done.

Definite restock next time she is planning to come home/I eventually make it across the pond.

Flavors: Marshmallow, Nutty, Sweet


That’s one reason I like mixing it with Creme Brulee. You get that almost burnt sugar bite that really counterbalances the sweet nougat. :)

Bear With Me

I haven’t tried creme brulee yet, but think I might pick some up next time.

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I am SO GLAD my sister brought me 500g of this one when she came home for the holidays. I was all out, and it’s one of my favourites.

The sharp grapefruit, smooth base, subtle bergamot, and general versatility of this tea leads to me reaching for it when I’m feeling blargidy. It’s sunshiney comfort in a cup, whatever way I steep it.

Tea frens: sorry for disappearing. Won’t be online consistently for a while, but feel free to poke me on here and I’ll poke back when I can.


Ha, I’m such a fool for passing this one up both times I was at the shop. I’ll be sure to grab some next time to see what all the fuss is about. And compare it to Acquired Taste’s too.


Yummmmmm this tea!


No worries mister! Just wanted to make sure you were A-ok :)


500g? Wowser! But I know how much you love this one. HUGS!!

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SSTTB Take 2!

I set a few samples aside before passing the box on to the next person, and this is one that I was really looking forward to trying as soon as I got over my cold. Now that I can smell and taste properly, I’m sitting down to try it. First western style, and maybe gongfu later. (If not tonight then I have enough to play later).

I was surprised by how long the leaves are. Very long and wispy, it reminds me a bit of a toasted oolong I have, moreso than a black.

There is definitely a honey note! Not overpowering like adding honey to tea can be, but it’s definitely honey-y! This is what I like. I don’t like adding honey to tea because a little goes too far, but this is the perfect balance of malty black tea and rich honey, without being like sipping honey water!

I can see myself getting more of this for sure. It would likely be a go-to straight black if I had it in my cupboard regularly!


I like the other black tea better. In fact I think I kept it. :D :D


I will make a note for your “after Christmas” card.

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SSTTB Take 3!

Not sure what it is, but something makes my tongue say NOPE! I’ll finish the cup, but this one is not for me. Ick.

Thanks but no thanks.

Bear With Me

Ended up dumping the last 1/3 of the cup. Nope nope nope.


This sounds so promising…


Sil “made” me get it. When I asked for recommendations, she mentioned it. Better as a latte!

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drank Cavalla by Crio Bru
87 tasting notes

SSTTB take 2!

This one befuddled me when I opened the box. Hot chocolate powder? Mixed with cacao nibs and cinnamon bark? WTF? And a note very boldly stating NO paper filters? Well then. Tea Frens – HALP! haha

Threw a tablespoon of “leaf” in a steeper basket and let it steep for about 13 minutes (aka the time it took me to shower and shave, haha).

Oh. Em. Gee. Dark chocolate explosion!!!! The cinnamon takes a backseat and offers a bit of a tingle on the tail end of the dark chocolate goodness. Mmmm, reminds me of the chocolate my sister brought me back from her trip to Ecuador a few years ago!

This is actually a fascinating “tea” and I’d be interested in trying some of the other types if it weren’t for the fact that Herbal Infusions is terrible. I wonder if I could find it anywhere else…..?

Thank you SSTTB frens for the chance to try such a unique cuppa!

Flavors: Bitter, Cinnamon, Dark Bittersweet, Dark Chocolate


Ahahaha… :D Yeah, it’s ground cacao nibs, basically.


That does sound tasty. Noms.


This isn’t from HI – it’s from Crio Bru – so you’re in the clear! It’s the cacao shells that are from HI, and I believe Sil (or someone) found an alternate source, since it’s not a blend or anything.

Afro Dj Yak

Do yourself a favor and try the Maya. Oh. Em. Gee as you would say. So good. The cayenne and the cinnamon and the dark chocolate and I’m drinking it and nobody talk to me because my mind is bending!


Oh yeah, this is Crio Bru. The sample packs online are a good deal, and then I’ve found it at Whole Foods, as well as a lot of the more “natural foods” grocery stores here. So good.

Bear With Me

Sweet! I just assumed that all cacao teas were HI, based on what I’ve heard/read. Glad this one isn’t, I need to get my paws on some! haha


The cacao that HI and some other places sell is the shells. This is just ground beans. Pre-chocolate, if you will. :)


I’m gonna try this tonight!

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drank Oriental Beauty by Primula
87 tasting notes

SSTTB take 1!

I missed out last year due to my busted ankle, so I’m stoked this time ’round!

This is my first blooming tea, and I’m about 3 pots in and it’s finally all the way open and pretty! I need a bigger tea pot….or more people to drink the tea, haha!

I feel like I could have safely used hotter water (not quite boiling, but hotter than my usual 175 for green teas) because even with the 3 steeps being long ones, there’s not really any bitterness. But ho boy is the jasmine punchy! Yum!

Definitely not the highest quality, but it’d be a great one to have on-hand for entertaining purposes because it is so mild, not to mention pretty. I’d pull it out to serve at a wine or fondue night with friends for sure, because I think that even the non-tea people would appreciate it.

Now I REALLY have to pee, hahaha!

Flavors: Jasmine

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m afraid of the dark, and that fear of the dark has led me to be a total insomniac – sleeping the day away and being stuck awake all night. So if I’m going to be up anyways, and since I’m feeling ballstastic, I might as well have some tea.

I absolutely despised DAVIDs Tea’s Mint To Be which was a coconut and mint black blend, so I’m surprised by how much I love Janet’s anniversary blend!

When she showed me this one, Janet joked that her supplier probably took all their leftovers and tossed them in a bag and shook it up then sent it to her, and she may be right! This is such a random blend, all that’s missing is the bloody kitchen sink!

That said, I love how smooth, creamy, and toasty this tea is! The mint is just enough to add a bit of zing, and the almonds and brazil nuts overpower the coconut (I’m not a huge coconut fan) and make for a creamy but toasty cuppa.

It’s random, it’s sweet, it’s nutty, and it packs a punch – it’s Janet in a cup!

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Part of the Heffalumps and Woozles brigade!
I’m a tea addict. Oolong, Pu’ehr, and Lapsang Souchong are my favourites. I share tea with my pony, Java (Competes under the name “Bear With Me”). I’m pretty sure I’m the only person ever to buy matcha JUST for their horse, haha!

I’m on the hunt for the PERFECT peach tea. Something juicy that screams “I am PEACH!” when you take a sip. Ideally a Green, White, Oolong, or Yellow base (I find peach black teas to be too much tannin not enough peachy goodness). Suggestions are appreciated!

Bear with me (haha) while I update my cupboard. I recently did a huge reorganization and my cupboard is no longer accurate.


Vancouver Island, BC

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