Shang Tea in Kansas City, Missouri
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I love going to Shang Tea any chance I get. They offer quality teas and I love when I have time to sit down and have the samples! I enjoy watching him prepare the tea and always learn something new.
They offer sample sizes of all their teas to purchase but they are also very accommodating about letting you sample all their teas in store.
For being in a mall the atmosphere is quite relaxed and inviting.
They also offer tea pots, cups, and other brewing apparatus as well as gifts both tea and non tea related.

Chez Elle in Kansas City, Missouri
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Went here for brunch for my daughter’s 18th bday! We had wanted to go here for the crepes forever! Little did I know they serve SHANG TEA! YUMMMM
I had Tangerine Blossom which I adore and have here at home.
The crepes were AmaZING and they also had macrons which as some of you know my daughter makes at home so it was a good chance to compare hers to others.
They serve wine, liquor, seltzers, french and italian sodas, etc and so on.
The crepe menu is larger than any other crepe place I have been and I have been to a few.
They have about 7 teas on their menu in loose leaf – all from Shang.
The guy working there was pretty surprised when I said that it was nice they had Shang Tea. I guess he didn’t expect me to know the brand.
They use ForLife Tea pots.
I had never used one before – they are not my style in looks but the brew basket is REALLY nice with tiny fine holes for steeping.
Featuring a wide selection of sweet and savory crepes, Gluten free, Vegan, buckwheat
batters available.

Full Coffee Bar
Expresso, Cappucino, Lattes,
amd more!

St. Louis Bubble Tea in St. Louis , Missouri
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I will add photos later when I have more time but every time we go to St. Louis we hit this place! Great bubble tea – boba always is perfect, more flavors than I can even begin to mention! They have regular bubble tea, cream tea, snow tea, hot teas, juice, etc and so on. Great menu of Asian foods from Pot Stickers to egg rolls, soups, I mean really this place is THE place in St. Louis for fast, friendly, and INEXPENSIVE bubble tea and great food!

The decor is not too elaborate but there is a fun mural on one wall, I have a photo of that I will add later.

The staff seem to really know what they are doing and on some tea items you can try samples if they have them ready.

Love this place. Located in “The Loop” area which is a great place to go anyway.

The London Tea Room in St Louis, Missouri
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I will come here every time I visit St. Louis! Simply the best tea you can find, the strawberry salad is orgasmic! The sandwiches are alright but not the best item you can get but good quality food. Scones with devonshire cream WOW!
Service was good, thankfully I did not irritate the staff with my giddiness or silly questions and was guided very well on my tea selections to bring home as well as proper brewing methods. I learned a lot, ate a lot, had a great time!
Free wifi available.
I really had a great time. We have “afternoon tea” which consisted of a three tiered plate tray with scones, pastries (three kinds), and sandwiches (three kinds). We each choose the tea we wanted and they brought a full pot for each of us. They also brought out devonshire cream and preserves for the scones or anything else we wanted to slather this wonderful stuff on top of!
When you order the afternoon tea you get to use their bone china in an assortment of patterns which is a lovely addition.
Be sure to make reservations for the afternoon tea and check out the website.
As for tea selections – hubby had Mango and Friends which is a Tisane – I had Naught Vicar a black tea – London Tea Room’s own blend and my daughter had an iced cream tea but I don’t recall what flavor.
All of the teas were wonderful and I have rated them and many others from The London Tea Room in my tasting notes.

HOUSE OF CHa in Lawrence, Kansas
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I hope to go back soon and get a longer more relaxed experience. The place is very tiny and it was jammed packed which is great for them of course but for me it was a little overwhelming being new to fine teas. There was really not a lot of time to ask questions and it was a little difficult to get from one area to the other in which the teas were located.
We went to get bubble tea for my kids and I was not sure what I wanted.
They were out of Boba or is it Bobba? Anyway they were out although they had some jello as an alternative but my daughter was really really really wanting bobba tea. Regardless the teas were DELICIOUS, my daughter choosing almond and my son choosing passion fruit. I opted for a matcha / green milk tea which again was absolutely amazing.
All drinks were perfectly sweetened – not overly sweet.
I did see they had some really nice teaware some really inexpensive and some that was much higher priced but beautiful.
Their green and oolong teas were priced anywhere from 8 per 50g to 28 per 50g. I opted for a Dong Ding Oolong for right around 8.00
I also picked up two small pu’er tabs (not sure what to call them) which I now need to learn what to do with them but another good learning experience for me to come!
I really just want to go back when they are not so busy so I perhaps can ask some questions, learn a bit more and consider my purchases more carefully. I would have loved to have picked up some teaware, not that I need it but hey its pretty. :)
I guess most of my issue was ME – other than the lack of Bobba of course. If I were more aware of what I wanted maybe I would not have felt so odd trying to squeeze in through the place to look at the teas and tisanes.
Anywho .. I shall return, more properly armed with knowledge AND you better have bobba lol.



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