807 Tasting Notes

drank Dong Ding by Far Leaves Tea
807 tasting notes

First sample of a Far Leaves Tea and this is quite nice. Here are my snippets from the full review that will post on the 13th of April.

The dry leaf is typical for a green Dong Ding oolong and has a lovely light floral aroma. I am getting a bit of a white lilac aroma from the dry leaf.

The taste in the first steep is more toward the floral side with just a hint at nuttiness, not as buttery or creamy as some Dong Ding, but there is a slight vanilla undertone to the taste. If you swish the tea around in your mouth you will feel more of the creaminess and richness. The resulting aftertaste is floral.

I generally prefer a dark roasted oolong but this is quite lovely and the quality of this tea makes me want to explore more of Far Leaves options.

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Been a long but wonderful day!
My daughter is officially a college student – enrolled for Fall semester! WOOT
Her books don’t even look too expensive WHEW.
Went to the planetarium with her and hubby – enjoyed that – then pizza at the pizza pub – think of a sub shop where you tell them everything you want on your pizza starting with over 20 kinds of sauces. Now if only they would add peanut sauce to that list!
Anyway – nice day, nice evening, followed by a yummy cup of tea…

Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ tomorrow the 12th but here are my snippets:

It’s been a long while since I sampled Pistachio Ice Cream from Butiki Teas but this fine tea was featured in the Amoda Sampler that I split with my SororiTea Sister Anne. I am happy to have some back in my tea stash!

The flavor profile of this tea is lavish, creamy, indulgent, but not excessively sweet, unless you wish to add sweetener, but its not really needed, and just oh so good! The aroma is enticing with that distinct pistachio smell that translates perfectly into the sip.

The lingering result however is the fresh green tea aftertaste which is light but distinct, grassy, nutty, and even a bit buttery.

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drank Vanilla Sky by Steep City Teas
807 tasting notes

Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 11th of April but here are the snippets:

Vanilla Sky from Steep City Teas is their version of what many of you may know as Monk’s Blend.

There is a trick to this tea however, and it fairs far better when iced. I do not find this to be as true with Monk’s blend from a couple other companies I have tried, but with Steep City’s Vanilla Sky it is so much better when you let it cool to a room temp or even slightly cool. The vanilla flavor comes out so much stronger, and the grenadine is more present as well.

This is not a tea for everyone, I have seen many reviews for other companies Monk’s Blend get varied reviews – more of a love it or hate it, to middle of the road, meh type of tea. What I have found however may change some people’s opinions of this blend. Also I have seen that many people just don’t care for grenadine. Regardless if you have this tea, from Steep City or another vendor in your stash, give it a try cooled, or even iced or cold brewed in your fridge.

I will say, this is by far, not my favorite tea from Steep City Teas, they have some blends that are out of this world, but I can see why they would want this in their offerings, because it is a rather well known blend.


Ill have to try this cold


Vanilla Sky just seems like a lovely name for a tea.


Seconding how lovely the name is!


Thanks guys, it seems this may be the only doozy in our stock that people aren’t really enjoying. May be the last time we blend it.


Could not hurt and I am always happy to give it a second go around as well. David its not BAD its just not AS amazing as your other teas which are really out of this world!

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drank The Witching Hour by 52teas
807 tasting notes

This is excellent for a strong mint tea. As far as cocoa – not so sure about that. I was not really getting much from the nibs but as a relaxing mint tea it is really good.
Oh noes … wonder if I am allergic to Tulsi. I have sneezed about 20 times so far … no wait …21 …crap this isn’t stopping – time to take some allegra!


Oh no, I hope the allegra helps!


Thanks I actually decided to try some hot salsa and that scared away the sneezes so didn’t have to take the allegra but my nose is still runny lol


lol! Hot salsa is such a good instant sinus cleaner. A personal favourite around my household. :)

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Unfortunately I am not wow’d by this like other Steepsters. I’m kind of bummed. Maybe it was my perception. I was expecting something with a little more UMP in the creamy factor.
If it were not flavored I would be more impressed but since it is flavored – even naturally – I expected something a little more.
I am wow’d by the beautiful canisters (tins) the company sells their tea in, but not worth the expense of shipping to USA from Canada to try more.
Its not bad but I do get a perfume taste in it that is slightly off putting.
The mineral notes are nice.
Some creaminess but not enough.
Lingering floral note once the perfume flavor dissipates.
Oh well. Passing on to someone else who may love it.

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Meh this one is a miss for me. Sending on maybe someone else will love it.

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Full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ on the 10th of April but here are the snippets and also see previous review:

This Yunnan Golden Strand Spring 2011 from Stone Leaf Teahouse has the sweetest bready flavor. It reminds me of raisin bread, or fig cake. There is even a yeasty quality to the sip that makes it even more like a true gourmet baked good.

The mouthfeel of this tea is heavy but not thick. It fills the mouth and has a near creamy feel, but with all the sweetness it finds a way not to become syrupy. It has a clear finish.

Other notes worthy of mention are caramel, cocoa, fruit, hay, cane sugar, indeed it is a strange brew, but quite delicious.

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drank Caramel Apple Oolong by 52teas
807 tasting notes

See previous tasting note and also please see my full review on http://sororiteasisters.com/ tomorrow April 9th, 2013. Here are the snippets from that review:

So this tea has an excellent oolong base, and the perfect flavors to make you feel like your sipping on sweet succulent caramel apple juices! The caramel flavor is well balanced so that you also get a wonderful fresh fujian apple taste as well, and I do know my apples, I love Fuji apples, and this tea tastes exactly like them! The apple tastes so fresh I swear I can taste the skin!

Oh and let’s not forget the oolong, its a nice quality oolong that does provide a very good base for this flavor combination, as Frank says, serendipitous, but it works perfectly!

I will savor each sip of this tea, then put in my bid for a re-blend and once again, cross my fingers. A stash must have!


Crap, should have ordered that one too :)


Just be sure that you sign up for notification of a re-blend – he uses the sign ups as a means to determine which he will re-blend! :) ThaT info is in my full review. You may have already known this though.


Thanks :)

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Full review tomorrow – April 8th on http://sororiteasisters.com/ So I have taken my first sip and oh my goodness, this is delicious! As I taste fruity notes, smokiness, and mineral notes. There is a wonderful sweetness to this tea, a brown sugar or German rock sugar sweetness, somewhere in between the two. I am not getting as deep of a sweetness of a brown sugar, but there is something a little more to it, like a caramel perhaps.

I also get a lovely white flower note as well as a green note, but not green like vegetal, more green like greens themselves, almost like dandelion leaves.

This tea is a must try for anyone who loves oolongs, especially darker roasted oolong tea.

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drank Lilac Blend by Strand Tea Company
807 tasting notes

Full review tomorrow April 7th on http://sororiteasisters.com/ but for now let me just say …

Lilac Blend from Strand Tea Company has me just beaming with happiness. It is a beautiful sun shiny day outside, I am looking at my first flowers of the year, although they are daffodils, not lilacs, and dreamily sipping on such a delightful surprise! I love lilacs, they are so very fragrant and beautiful. This tea speaks to my sensibilities of summer, flowers, and yet there is a wonderful, surprising fruitiness as well. Mmmmm, so good!

Lilac from Strand Tea Company has a full mouthfeel nearly creamy. Add a splash of milk and you have a dessert tea for sure, oh so creamy and delicious! The mouthfeel is surprisingly heavy for what one would think is a light dainty tea. This tea has some heft to it.

And the taste? Can it match up to all my self imposed hype? Why yes, it can! It is sweet – like honey, fruity, wonderful berry notes, almost a blueberry flavor but I get some deep red berry notes in here too. It tastes wine like, a bit like a blueberry mead tea.

A BIG THANK YOU TO Aplhakitty for sharing this with me!


Mmmmmm! I contacted them about their violet tea, but they do not make it anymore. They recommended this instead. Sounds like I better take them up on their recommendation :)


Wow lilac tea! That sounds neat!!


Violet tea would have been wonderful to try as well. I have a list already started on their site of what I want to get. Just looking around for any coupon codes (fingers crossed)


AND my daughter just detected a flavor note that is SO obvious and I can’t believe I missed it! WALNUT! Mmmmm

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Most of my reviews will be “snippits” of full reviews that can be found at http://sororiteasisters.com/
Posted every evening at 6 EST.
I usually try to post the exact date that the full reviews will post however sometimes post dates need changed so it may not always be correct. Generally the dates are correct however.

About Me:

Most of my reviews, although not all, will be quite favorable of the tea. This is not because all tea is excellent, but more so because I generally will not waste my time on an inferior tea. If I do not care for a tea I won’t continue to drink it let alone spend time reviewing it. If you see a review by me you basically know it is a quality tea. Granted it may not suit your specific taste buds, we all like different things, but as for a tea on the whole it is a good one, from a good company.

I am a spiritual advisor by profession.
I have two “young adult” children.
Four cats and three dogs.

Some of my hobbies include gardening, essential oil therapy, natural perfumery with essential oils, and cooking.

I look for complexity overall in any tea, dimensions to the flavors.

I believe tea should evoke a feeling, thought, emotion, or attitude.

I enjoy most all oolongs, blacks, whites, and greens.

I always love to try a good yellow tea.

I favor unadulterated teas but I do have my longings for a good flavored tea now and then so I don’t rule them out by any means!

I enjoy green rooibos don not like red rooibos.

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