20 Tasting Notes

drank Patisserie by Tealish
20 tasting notes

Yet another tea from the lovely scribbles uvu

Ok so I really wanted to try all of these new teas relatively quickly because I am really curious about blends! And I’m picking these out deliberately; the double knit was sort of like, ok this is just barely a blend so I’m kind of sniffing the water. Then I picked out this tea because I figured, ok NOW this is a real blend but it’s not too insane so I’m only barely dipping my pinky toe in the water. or something idk

anyways so i used more leaf and less time than recommended because i was lazy this morning and needed to head off to dance class asap

wow this is surprisingly yummy. i’m still wary of blends obviously and i was wondering how the heck this tea has cumin, peppercorns, etc in it and taste even remotely good but it’s really really good. oh man.

the first steep had a lot more of that nut flavor and the second steep i definitely got the cumin more, but for some reason this is still really good? i’m still confused. i shouldn’t like this but i do. i just want to drink this all day.

well… i suppose i can…

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So in my efforts to get into blends and stuff I ended up in a large swap with scribbles, this tea included. I drank this yesterday so this is going to be a really short tasting note but thanks scribbles!

THIS TEA IS SO GOOD. I could tell it obviously wasn’t straight tea but it wasn’t sweet or fruity or anything and maybe that’s why I liked it so much? It was perfect for a break from all of my straight teas because it had a little somethin else going on! I drank it on the train down to Comic Con and it definitely helped pass the time :) it’s bold but not KICK IN THE FACE BOLD and has a lot of yummy flavors. It basically tastes like Essence of Warm Cozy Sweater On a Rainy Day by a Fireplace. That’s what this should be called. Soooo goooood.

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so i know nothing about pu er. like, absolutely nothing. however, i’ve always been interested in the flavors people describe it with so when my dad offered to let me buy tea (as a present for getting my drivers license) i decided I AM GOING TO BUY PU ER. AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME.

then i received the package today and just sort of. stared at it. what do i do? how do i do this? what? i read how other people did it and did it that way

not a thorough review but here are my impressions: it smelled much more strong than it tasted. for the most part it just tasted very smooth and almost mushroomy with a bit of herb-yness. if most pu ers taste somewhat like this, i guess i’ll keep going. it’s nice and i’d drink it again :0

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just received this in a swap with alysha :) thanks!

so i’m super duper picky about oolongs.. usually they’re way too floral for me and i really want some other kind of main flavor other than floral or else i feel like i’m drinking perfume.

this however smelled promising: sweet and nutty with a nice mineral scent that comes with oolongs

steeped about 2tsp in a very small mug for 15 seconds, adding 10 seconds each steep (i like em rich) at 185F rather than boiling like it recommends. i usually have better luck with dark oolongs brewed at lower temps for some reason:

1: smell reminds me of when i pan roast almond slivers in butter to add to green beans for dinner sometimes. the taste is pretty much the same, not that i’m complaining ;) i love nutty teas. also getting that nice mineral flavor underneath and in the aftertaste. overall very pleasant.
2: same flavor as before, but a little more cashew sweetness rather than almond. still not really getting any caramel flavor as described, but i’m still enjoying the tea. oh, as it cools a bit, i’m starting to notice this tart flavor settling on my tongue after teach sip. maybe this is the elderberry people are talking about? very nice
3: i keep getting this strange acidic taste only on the sides of my tongue, but that might be from my wisdom teeth extraction sites. idk man. still very nutty and that tartness is still here, a bit more strong. i was very tired from my meds during this one so i took a nap afterwards haha
4: strong taste of mineral water, if that’s a kind of taste you can describe as strong. probably the smoothest on my tongue so far, and much more sweet. sweetness reminds me of a really light, thin caramel sauce rather than a darker, thicker one like the one i made last night to accompany my brownies (my friend ate the entire pan. no joke). almost like taffy
5: same to the last one, but that tartness came back. ate this with dinner so not as much to say
6: i decided it was getting too light for me so i steeped this for a good 2 minutes as a final steep. i’m definitely getting taffy, and another source of sweetness: melon. now, i really really hate melon, but a melon note in tea is far different than a slice of melon so i actually enjoy it. it settles on my tongue nicely and despite being a hot cup of tea seems to cool me off and refresh me. the nutty taste becomes more of a water chestnut freshness. just what i needed :)

overall, despite not getting the caramel taste everyone is touting, i really enjoyed this tea. with verdant it seems less of “will i like this tea?” and “will i like this tea enough to drop tons of $$$ on it?”. thanks again alysha!
maybe i’ll brew the rest of the leaves western style. does anyone have any successful parameters they’d like to share?

180 °F / 82 °C

Glad you enjoyed it! I brewed this western style, about 1.5 tsp for 5 minutes with good results.

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just cold brewed this because iced teas happen to be far more soothing than hot teas for the swelling after having my wisdom teeth removed. so delicious, so refreshing! the flavors aren’t very different from the hot brew except that it’s far more refreshing obviously. it tastes like i’m drinking the essence of sugar snap peas. has a wonderfully light sugary sweetness, and the buttery quality becomes more of a light, astringent olive oil flavor. this is so yummy

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Had this last night as my last hot tea before getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I was so nervous though that I don’t really remember it much except that I’m fairly sure it was good. Now I’m hungry but can’t eat anything before my appointment. Gragggghhhh. Wish me luck! This will get a better tasting note when I can appreciate it

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
20 tasting notes

So i got an ounce of this to play around with because i really want to like this tea and think it deserves another try :)

On first taste (brewed 1tbsp in a mug for 3 minutes at terri harplady’s suggestion!) i think of the mexican hot chocolate one of my friends makes. It has the dark cocoa as well as the spices. Im’ totally getting cinnamon and even some cardamom, both of which i adore, in the aftertaste. I even have this warming sensation in my mouth just like the pinch of chili powder she adds! So delicious

As it cools it tastes more like dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs. That chocolate flavor is still prominent but the background notes become more reminiscent of that almost coffee flavor i taste from cocoa nibs—raw, a little spicy and bitter, but in a good way.

As far as texture goes, this is about as creamy as a good dark black tea gets. It seriously tastes like i added cream but it most certainly is dairy free as of now. As it cools though that tiny bite of that cocoa nib bitterness cuts the creaminess a bit which to me is great because i don’t know if i could drink a whole cup of that full creaminess!

I love this a lot more now. Definitely a higher rating from me!

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this is not going to be an in depth note because i’m too jittery…. i’ve had this tea for a while but i’ve been on a green and black tea kick lately so i haven’t been drinking it.

today however is the day AP test scores came out for kids in california and i woke up about 4 times in a span of 5 hours in the anticipation for the scores. after doing extremely well (4 on us history and biology, 5 on english!!!) i’m pumped full of adrenaline!! i needed a light tea that would relax me so i picked out a random white

it’s 2am and despite being exhausted and awake at the same time, i can still appreciate how yummy this tea is. it smells sweet and creamy but also crisp, like the perfect apple. it’s nice and light and the sweetness coats your whole tongue, reminding me of the super light wildflower honey we get at our local ranch market that i like to put in my oatmeal. in fact the oatmeal seems like a good way to describe the creaminess in this too!

overall a very tasty white tea that will definitely calm down my ap test jitters :))

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I always forget how much i love this tea! after almost exclusively drinking butiki’s premium taiwanese assam (i’ve probably gone through an ounce of it in 3 weeks!) i had a really strong craving today for something other than black tea. i pulled my tin of this out and brewed myself a cup and it’s just a warm cup of lovely

the nice thing about this during the summer is because it’s so vegetal and light and sweet, i can drink it hot without feeling weighed down or anything. it reminds me of my sugar snap peas i grow every year because of how darn fresh and creamy it tastes!

one of my favorite green teas by far. good job verdant!

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Lily Duckler

Thanks for your kind words, AureliaFish, but all of the credit belongs to the He Family! It’s always a pleasure sharing their beautiful teas, especially when I can pass tea lovers’ praise back to them.


I’m definitely grateful that someone can share their teas with all of us :)) always a lovely experience when i’m drinking a cup of tea from you guys because you always find such astounding tea! Thanks to you and all of those who grow magic

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Haha, had this again last night because I finally got my order of it, and even my mom likes it! Usually my mom doesn’t like my tea but evidently she liked this because she wouldn’t give me back the cup!! Awesome tea

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Terri HarpLady

I started the day with this yesterday, & it was my 2nd tea of the day today. Love it!


I can’t stop drinking it… I brought a thermos of it along with me to quartet practice. Looks like i found a new favorite :)

Terri HarpLady

It really is very tasty :)

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Hello! My name’s Natalie and I’m seventeen. I only got into drinking loose tea regularly about six months ago and I’m definitely a newbie :)

I really love black teas the most but every now and then I’ll pick up something else. Right now I happen to be on an oolong streak! I drink almost exclusively straight teas as well so I’m rarely interested in blends.

I’m always open for swaps so if you see anything in my cupboard just send me a message to see if I’m interested in swapping it! Also, I have tons of samples that I don’t add to my cupboard on here so if you’re wondering if I have any samples you might like just ask me :)

(Other than drinking tea of course) my hobbies include Irish dancing and playing the cello (and I have an unhealthy interest in biology haha).

My scoring system:
0-29: I’d pour out my cup of it after one sip.
30-49: I’d finish the cup, but I wouldn’t particularly want to make it again.
50-59: It’s alright, and I’d drink it if offered to me.
60-69: It’s tasty but I won’t go out of my way to buy any.
70-79: I’d buy this to drink every once in a while, but if I ran out I wouldn’t rush to get more.
80-89: I enjoy this tea a lot and drink it regularly. Would recommend!
90-94: Super delicious and would run to buy more once I run out!
95-100: This is so good I am probably crying over the difficulty between drinking it all the time or drinking it only on special occasions.



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