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drank Natsukoï by Lupicia
193 tasting notes

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First sample from the GCTTB3!

I have read so many positive reviews on this tea, so I was excited to try it! At first sip, I found it quite bitter. The tea looked black to me, so I used boiling water which I think might have burnt it. I immediately thought, okay, this is a pina colada flavoured gen mai cha, so I went strait on the computer to read what it’s actually supposed to taste like. Hmmmm. Caramel and vanilla, nope, not getting either of those. Not sure where that pineapple flavour I am getting is coming from.

I’m not loving this right now, but I think it is totally my fault. I am going to pull this from the box and steep it differently next time. I think I will leave it unrated for now.

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This is my first review in months! I guess I just got really tired of spending hours a day on steepster and feeling like I was wasting my life (I know that’s dramatic, but I am not getting any younger).

I was so excited about this one. They were out when I first went to order it, but when I checked a few weeks later, it was back, yay!

So this is very good, reminds me of matcha ice cream. Definitely sweeter than the matchas from RLT, which I like. The only thing is that I am not getting any strawberry, like none. I ordered two other strawberry teas from them and the strawberry is VERY obvious, so I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or if this is what it is always like? This is really good, but it would be so much better with their strawberry flavour.

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Had my last cup of this today. So sad

Ok! So maybe I overreacted about this tea the first time I had it because the next few times weren’t quite as spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, it is still an awesome cup of tea, but I have to bump the rating down from 99 to something a little more realistic.

Will definitely purchase this again but a larger amount next time!

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Thank you to teataku for this sample!

I really want to make a Lupicia order and was hoping for a chance to try this. I love grapefruit and would love to have a tea that has a real grapefruit taste. However, this wasn’t good at all. It tasted quite dusty as many greens do to me, like it has a lot of particles that get through my perfect mug strainer. It was also quite bitter even though I brewed it with warm water. I couldn’t detect any grapefruit either.

I read through the reviews again and I wish I tasted what other people are tasting. I’m still tempted to pick this one up just in case it is better strait from Lupicia. DECISIONS!

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This tea is from the first round of the great Canadian travelling tea box. There was only enough for one or two cups so I took it out and threw it in my cupboard as I had been wanting to try it for a while. I am just getting to it now, about 7 months later.

I think I would have really liked this if I had tried it when I received it. But after all of the wonderful teas I have had the pleasure to try in the last year, this just doesn’t do it for me.

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Stacey sent me a free ounce of this because there was a little bit of a wait with my order, I guess when lemon French macaron and Hello Sweetie came out, they got bombarded with orders!

I purposely didn’t order this because I had received it in a swap and while it was ok, it wasn’t something I wanted to order. But swaps are hard I think. It seems that some teas lose their flavour in all the packaging and sending, so I think that’s what happened with this one. Today it tasted way different.

First off the tea is beautiful! The black tea and dark chocolate chips with the contrast of the bright red freeze dried raspberries just make you want to stare at it a while. I really like the flavour of this, A lot of chocolate teas haven’t been doing it for me lately because they are too strong or artificial tasting. This one is just right. The chocolate is quite subtle, and so is the raspberry. Sometimes you don’t want the flavour to smack you in the face. The base was a little astringent, but that could have been me over steeping. It didn’t bother me anyway.

Thanks Stacy for sending this to me, otherwise I don’t think I would have given it that second chance!

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I made a joint Butiki order with my coworker. It’s her first time trying Butiki teas and she chose this one to try first. She loved it! And it smelled so good that I asked her if I could steal a cup from her. I ordered this the first time I made a Butiki order but there was something about it I didn’t like, and I sent the rest off in a travelling tea box. I am not the biggest fan of maple to begin with, and I think I found it smelled and tasted a little like chlorine, and when I smelled the bag of the dry leaf today, I smelled that same thing. It didn’t come through in the taste though. It was so sweet with such a true maple flavour. The pecan is a little more subtle, but still there. The flavour in the resteep was surprisingly almost as strong as the first steep! I enjoyed this so much that I will be ordering this again next time I make an order. Bumping up the rating (a lot)!


You just made me decide to have some of this right now!

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Had this tea at work today. I can’t believe how good this is. My expectations were high because of how great the reviews have been and I was so excited to see that Stacy was going to sell this. I hope it’s is permanent, because I am going to need more of this. The coconut and banana were the most apparent. I was also getting some nuttiness but couldn’t say that it was specifically praline. I didn’t notice the toffee but I had forgotten that was one of the flavours in this and I wasn’t looking for it. Can’t wait to have this again tomorrow. This one is going to go fast as well!


I just got a bag of it too and I can’t believe how good it is!

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I didn’t drink a lot of tea growing up, just the red rose my nana would make me with about 3 teaspoons of sugar added to it. I started getting into loose leaf tea about a decade ago when I visited our local tea house and tried Rooibos for the first time, though I only drank it on occasion. I didn’t get serious about it until David’s tea came to town. I was on a diet and wanted something I could drink without sugar that had a lot of flavours to choose from.

I prefer black teas, but oolong and green come in a close second. White and guayusa are in the middle, while mate, rooibos and herbals are at the bottom of my list.

Likes: banana, jasmine, pumpkin, lychee, blueberry, chocolate
Dislikes: orange, ginger, rose, hibiscus, butterscotch, honeybush

My non-tea related interests are music, camping, poker, softball, snowboarding, biology and animals. I have 2 dogs and they are my whole life.


Prince George, BC

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