So! Forgive me for posting this a day late, but I did try the Mojito Marmalade sample that Tea Forte sent out. I had some apprehensions about this tea because I’m not a huge fan of orange and mint together. It reminds me too much of a stomach med my mother used to spoon into me. However, I pushed those pre-conceived notions aside because you never know if you will love a tea based on the description. Only on the taste. So I set up my water, grabbed my infuser and then ripped this one open.

The first thing I noted was that the tea smelled more like Citron than actual oranges. I work at a spice store and we have orange peel. This orange peel didn’t smell fresh at all to my nose, but bitter. I also detected other citrus flavors underneath the aroma, sort of a lemon something.

It brewed up to a beautiful dark brown with orange tints and was much lighter in color than I’d been expecting. My first taste was of a very strong mint. On the back of the sip I could taste the orange. I did not know before this tea that I really do not like orange and mint together in a tea. AT ALL.

All the mojitos I’ve ever had were with lime, not orange. There was just something…off about the orange and the mint for me. I love mint! And I love Oranges! Just…not together. I wish there had been some cloves, or that the oranges had been swapped for limes or lemons. I wish that this tea was mint julep instead of Mojito Marmalade.

So to rescue the cup, I added some sugar. After all, whoever liked sugarfree marmalade? And since when do Mojitos not have sweetness to play off the rum, lime and mint? I appreciate the sample and the experience. I feel like even when I drink a tea that I don’t like, I learn something more about tea and where my tastes are.

If you are a person who loves citrus and mint, you will adore this tea. Its not bad in terms of flavor, but it just wasn’t to my taste.

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(I was going by my Facebook name which is April but I wanted a more tea-like handle!)

Sheesh, what does a girl write?

I’ve been drinking loose leaf teas for about four years and bagged teas since I could digest it. I live in the southern United States where ice cold sweet tea is called “The Table Wine of the South”. Even though it might not be as refined as some of the more exotic teas that I sample, I love brewing it, drinking it and sharing it.

I am always exploring new teas and new flavors. I have discovered some fun ones over the years, but my location has really prevented me from sampling some of the greater opportunities out there.

So joining this site is a step towards new teas, new friends and new tastes.

Current Tea Shops:
I have experience with very few tea retailers but I hope that this space will soon have more names

Mrs. Rosemarie’s Special Teas (Sadly, a tea house that has closed)

The English Tea Room Teas (http://www.englishtearoom.com/)
This is a fabulous teahouse in Covington, LA.


Tea Forte: They were really nice and sent me some samples to review! I look forward to shopping at their online shop sometime soon!
(More forthcoming!)

Tea Ratings:
1-25: Bleck! Never again! See, I have to really, really dislike a tea to give it a rating this low. It has to be gross. I probably won’t even finish the cup.

26-50: Meh. It was not the best. I might drink it down if I bought it, or finish it off, but I won’t purchase it again or recommend it to anyone.

51-75: Pretty Tasty! I would try this one again! I might also buy it. And tell people to try it. And move it around and blend it with other teas because its so good I can’t imagine it being bad!

76-100: GET IN MA BELLY! I own this tea. I will never not have this tea. This tea is my best friend and the companion to my soul


Alabama, USA

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