Again, bear with me, still just a beginner in the world of loose leaf teas, though I think I am getting better. The massive number of opinions out here on the site help me increase my knowledge quite a bit, and I have to thank everyone for that. So here we go:

Before Steeping: Fruity. Very fruity. I can definitely smell the blackberry; the smell tends to overwhelm everything else. Faint scent of vanilla in the background, along with the earl grey bravo.
While Steeping: About one minute in: slightly aromatic. Earl grey scents are in the majority. Light berry scent, smells more like blueberries than blackberry.
After Steeping: More aromatic than before, but not much. Earl grey scents have taken a back seat- more of a blueberry scent now. Very fruity, reminds me almost of cooked blueberries.

-1st Steep: Did this at boiling, so I’m letting it sit to cool down for a moment. Mixed two spoonful’s of sugar in with it, to enhance the natural sweetness (I love sugar). My first sip instantly engulfs me in intense berry flavors. And they most definitely are blueberries, not the blackberry like it says in the ingredients. Too sweet to be blackberries. I can taste a hint of vanilla in the back, nice and soothing. The earl grey is still there to, just less intense than I thought it would be.
-2nd Steep: Boiling again, but steeping them a second time around with the same bunch as the first time. Only one spoonful of sugar this time though. I kind of like the taste better this time. It’s lost a bit of flavor, sure, but the earl grey is still noticeable, as is the berry and the vanilla, just less so. Still fruity and sweet, which is good, but not as much as before. Fairly good for a second time around.

Overall: I like it, I really do, but it’s too fruity to drink consistently. I would drink it every now and then, but the fruitiness of the blueberry tends to get to intense at times, while there isn’t enough vanilla, and the earl grey flavors are little less than I usually like.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Lover of poetry, gaming, books, and now tea. Beginner in the world of loose leaf teas, just starting to comprehend the intricacies and flavors.

Also started to keep a Tea Journal, to record all my experiences with loose leaf teas.


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